What is your robot-building superpower?

Here’s a fun one: what spooky supernatural ability do you (or someone you know) have that helps you design/build/program/operate robots?

Mine is that I nearly always grab exactly the right number of fasteners from the bin for whatever I’m building. Pretty handy.

@Greg_Needel is known as “the human milling machine” because he can always drill a hole in the right spot by eye.

If anyone’s superpower is that they can always find the 3/8in nut driver then I think you win.


We were building some gearbox, spacer I had was wrong. I was about to start 3D printing something so I could get exactly what I wanted.

@Travis_Covington goes over to the lathe and eye-ball hits (no zeroing, touching off, etc) 0.351" or something random like that, hit it exact to the thou. His “Eye Calipers” are preeeety good.


I can micromanage just enough behind the glass and get my drive team to follow effectively.

I discovered this when my driver this year asked me during the semifinals of Electric City whether the tarmac was a protected zone. :man_facepalming:


Total robot weight. We have never had a panic moment where we had to make significant reduction and yet we still tend to build to the weight limit. I don’t recall ever being more that 0.5 lbs over or 5 lbs under the limit on first weigh in at the shop.


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Always know what size threads are in the hole. Every time. Can usually tell if it was done by hand/cnc/lathe/whatever. If anyone memorized the tap drill size charts and wants a trusty sidekick, let me know!

To learn this power, hand-tap every thread on your teams robots for several years. Make some mistakes. Fix them. Now you can’t go to a coffee shop/waiting room/amusement park without noticing every threaded hole. This might be more of a curse.


Marcus, and mediocre meme, circa 2015. Normally I’d ask permission to share something like this, but it’s already public on the internet – sorry, Marcus, I don’t make the rules.


Jared’s superpower might be finding dirt on me. This is just the tip of the meme iceberg.

To anyone I’ve upset over the years, his dms are always open!


I can, with near 100% accuracy, by sight, tell the difference between 32 and 24 thread bolts… as long as its 10-32 and 1/4-24 (rare but out there).

In the 2013-14 time frame, we had a few students with mad skills at shearing screws. Even with a screwdriver.

I’m really good at stealing others ideas.


I’m really good at breaking stuff you would never expect to break.
Also a master of designing in electronics as hardstops… So far, RoboRio and battery for climber arm and manipulator, respectively

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My superpower is getting it wrong first try.

And I guess I win?


You people have superpowers?


You do too, yours appears to be spending far too much time on CD :slight_smile:


So I joined this off-season, but so far I am an enthusiastic robot lifter

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