What is your role on your team?

I’m making this to see what group uses chiefdelphi the most.

  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Student
  • Alumni (but not a mentor)
  • Other

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What exactly defines a coach vs. a mentor?


I’m a senior, so technically an alumnus I guess. I’ve always used CD as a student though, so I marked that out of instinct.


FIRST really does not distinguish the difference between the two, they only require that someone signs up as a coach. I assume many teams coach and mentors have only small differences, if any. So I’m pretty much just looking for what their team calls them.

I think coach has connotations of a paid position like other HS sports.


I agree. coach to me implies some sort of financial compensation. Where a mentor would be purely volunteer.


On our team, it’s basically a question of when you need one representative of the team on paperwork. (It’s also that we meet in the coach’s garage, so his information is on the orders and deliveries)

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Comic relief.

Also sometimes I teach the kids how to code.


I give advice on the team discord/basecamp. Haven’t been an in-person mentor since the start of COVID.

I mostly help the students identify WPILib features that provide the functionality they want, and also am beginning to try to coordinate the upstreaming of local team code to WPILib when appropriate (the students handle the PRs; I just point them at WPILib github issues that their codebase already solves).

Yep - “Coach” is a Mentor who is legally a School district employee (at least at our school)

  • Paid a (very small) stipend
  • Has keys and security codes
  • Must be on campus for the workshop to open
  • Must accompany students on travel (like Houston)

(trying not to let all this power go to my head)


Assistant to the Head Coach. Which mostly means I make sure things are appropriately locked/unlocked and TIMS is up to date. Also, I drive a vehicle with a trailer hitch, which can be quite useful.

My husband (not a Coach or a Mentor) justified purchase of new pickup truck with “no one else can tow robotics stuff, so I’ll take that bullet”.

What a guy!


Technically a mentor, realistically a 5 year old with power tools.


I kind of expected that there would be a majority of mentors, although the fact that roughly 75% of users are coaches or mentors is surprising. I do not have any numbers, but based on what I have seen, most teams have more students than mentors/coaches. I understand that there are potential issues with this poll, but another analysis from 2020 that looked at users bio found similar results (I can’t find the post, if someone finds it please let me know).

So where are the students? Do they just not know of chiefdelphi? I am not sure if I should make a new thread for this question, it is kind of unrelated to the initial post.


My conclusion is that students don’t bother with CD, surveys, or both.


I’d guess it’s because students aren’t involved as their mentors. Maybe they have heard of Chiefdelphi, but just don’t use it, or maybe it was never mentioned at all. It also probably has something to do with how mentors are mentors for many years, so they get more involved over time than students do in 4 years.

I’m a student myself, and only really started using CD in my senior year, during build season. If you asked me what this place was during my freshman-junior years, I probably would’ve said that I’d heard about it but just wasn’t involved in robotics enough to care about it.

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Yeah, it’s likely that there is a good amount of sampling bias in the poll, but an analysis of users bio’s in 2020 showed a less dramatic result and still had a majority of mentors. Unfortunate that students are not as involved on CD, that’s a large portion of FRC that we don’t get to hear from here.

Concur. I suspect the discord server has likely siphoned off a lot of the students who historically showed up here.

All in all I struggle to say it’s a bad thing. But I would say that it implies how heavy of a filter to put on the opinions and thoughts expressed in posts on this site. They’re (very obviously) heavily skewed.


I mean, tbf, I’ve been on Chief Delphi for 5 years, and for 4/5 of those years I was a student, and 1/5 I was a mentor. So like. You’ll probably get a lot of people who joined CD as students and who are now mentors which doesn’t help with your sampling bias.


For the students:

What grade are you currently in?
  • Freshman
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • I shouldn’t be answering this poll

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