What is your team going to be.....

Our team is going for a havester/turret shooter

A harvesting, catapulting, dumping, ball holding ball pusher.

A MEGA-AWESOME robot using a whosiwhatsit thingamabob and using a thingamajig to score on the dillywhopper.

…a big ford dumptruck filled with magic

we are dressing our rookies in one robot costume and we are going to make them do the work as a harvester

human player loaded shooter on a turret, wicked awesome:D

We’re a harvester shooter, but only if we finish on time. :rolleyes: And we can only shoot a maximum of 4-5 feet

we are a havester/shooter with an auto targeting turret

222 is going to be a harvester/human loaded conveyor dumper if you wanna call us that :cool:

We’ll herd and pick up, and should be able to launch the trackballs over the overpass.

edit: … uh-oh

Turreted shooter that can harvest and receive MRs from the PS. Accurate out to 6 feet, but we will have an inaccurate range of 20 feet or so :eek:

ours is gonna hold our entire team and we gonna shoot the other robots down. :wink:

We will both harvest from the floor and allow human player loading. We’re going for the short range power dump via a wide shooter powered by 2 CIMs.

we are trying to be them all (harvester+dumper+shooter) but nothing of it is completed, i doubt we’ll ever make it on time! ><

Our Team will have a robot that can harvest, and shoot the balls with a turret. And of course we will have human players shooting balls into other trailers.

2)Get that 1 magic ball to the thrower
3)“Bump” other robots into corner for easy pickings
4)Human player generally just takes shots on other robots, but sometimes loads