What is your team going to do with the rack after the season is over?

Looking for creative uses for the rack after the season is over!

hmm…how about save it for demos :slight_smile:

Possible plans include;
-Large bonfire
-Save parts for the next strange thing we have to build (most likely).

We’re going to continue practicing - there’s plans on our end for a healthy dose of off-season events, and heaven knows that we’ll still be doing demonstrations with the 'bot a year from now. (Last year’s bot, for instance, is going over to a local college today for demonstrations for area high schools.)

We’ll probably also use it before next season to start training a new drive team (even if the game’s different next year, it’ll give them some experience with the basics of operating a robot) and working on our scouting techniques. So I think it’s safe to say that our rack’s going nowhere anytime soon.

I hope we take it apart. Our room is small and that huge rack makes it smaller! Must make room for next year =]

hmm store it and say it looks prity and have fond memorys of it

we were jking about the idea of a gazebo or a bonfire, but either way i hope we do something cool with it. its rather large and space is always an issue for us.

a coat rack!

OMG why didnt i think of that, but i dont think it will fit in my closet without some slight structual modifications to my room :frowning:

we took ours apart right after the build season ended, and I took most of the wood and gave it to Stage crew for our set, because we were running low on wood over there (most of our robotics team is also on stage crew).

Donate it to the local zoo’s monkey exhibit?

well the mokey exibit is a good idea but we could also make it a jungle gym for the robotics members on the team for those late work nights. that would have come in handy. or better yet make it a jail for all the roudy team members.

we used it as a coat rack all through build season and will probably continue to do so until…next build season when it goes away.
come to think about it, we wont need it until next build season for a coat rack anyway. Supposed to be nice this summer.


We are gonna put ours in our team presidnet’s backyard :cool:
That or it’s gonna stay in the work site until next season and we use the parts to build w/e they come up with for next year. Either way it will be put to good use :smiley:

well then i guess ure coat rack will come in handy

Well if we had a full one… Turn the spiders into stools, use the rest for next years game piece.

We destroyed ours a bit after build season ended… it took up way too much space. Kressly started refering to it as “Woodhendge”

dismantle it, and throw it in the closet, along with all the other game pieces.

Slight structural modifications?! I think you need more than that.

I was thinking the rack might make a great jungle gym for all the people on the team with excess energy! (Saftey glasses and gloves are a must while using it, though.) (-;

Crazy… I should have read your other response before I posted. But I guess since we agree on that point, the ÜberBots’ rack will indeed become a jungle gym!