What is your team?

I was wondering :confused: what kind of race is your team. Our team is a mix of almost every religion… Kind of :cool:

You mean what kind of diversity the team has?
Without getting into specific (like where they exactly came from I can say the 2005 X-Cats are:

30 Males
24 Females

23 White
18 Black
6 Hispanic
7 Asian

We’re a pretty diverse group to say the least.

A funny incident occured as we were discussing minorities on the time. Our president, Yan, said that we need more minorities on the team. The room goes silent as the 6 of us officers on the team look around: there were 4 asians and 2 whites.

My team is very diverse with race and stuff. which is a good thing. for relgion thats diverse too.

this could lead to some controversy so please all lets keep it rated G.

just a freindly PSA* for the community

*(public safety announcement)