What is your team's strategy?

Hi, I am conducting a quick survey. What is your team’s strategy? Is it to control goals? Or is it to collect those balls for all those points?

people could have both

Yeah, and what about teams who have an all-around bot that has multiple strategies for multiple situations?

You guys have a point. Let me clarify what I meant. What is your team’s MAIN strategy in this game. Do you mainly want to go for the goals or mainly go for the balls. Sorry about that error.

Hmmm, well, I don’t think we’re mainly going for on or the other…

We will mainly be either going for balls, going for goals, or not. Basically, we will be tailoring our strategy to what gives us the best qualifying score each and every match, with no basic pre-set pre-defined default strategy.


we can do both really well. it all depends on our allience partner for the round and what they can do.

Well, our strategy generally entails getting balls and then a goal, finally unloading the balls into that goal. Exactly how we go about doing that will be determined by what type of robot we are allied with.

Flexibility is the key.

Our strategy will depend on the situation. If there is a three goal bot (MOE) on the opposing alliance, the faster bot on our alliance will (according to our strategy) prevent that from happening. We can do it all, but control 2 or 3 goals. We can even ballance one on the bridge.:wink:

We stuck a 190 pound cameraman on goal. Didn’t seem to be a problem.

We even stuck a 200 pound person on each goal and were still pulling them around at full speed, no sweat.

this might be hard when you another robot take the goals away.

About the strategy you did not put down control robots.

Just take control of their robot :smiley:

oops didnt mean to reply

I shall now go on the record as saying that I am NOT 200 pounds, I am a svelte 190.

So there.

Are basic strategy is to collect balls from the floor and then deposet them in a goal either attached or not !!