What Jaguar did you get?

The Jaguars we received are not the black ones. The box says MDL-BDC-REV.A.

What did we get? What did you get?

Yeah, I thought we would be getting the black ones, but we got the same one’s as last year.

Our team received the brown Jags as well. Same color as last year.

During the Beta Test discussion it was clear that the black jaguars will not be in the KOP but they are FRC Legal (This I found out after the Kickoff)

We got 2 grey Jaguars.

We also have not received the Black Jaguar! Received the same last year.

The KoP checklist states that you should get MDL-BDC, which is the original gray Jags.
Black Jags are model MDL-BDC24
They can be purchased from DigiKey at a discount: http://ordering.digikey.com/Promotions/FirstRoboticsCompetition.aspx

We received gray ones.

We too received the gray ones.

I remember reading about them, but can someone please outline the improvements and benefits of the black vs the gray Jaguar?

We got gray ones. Are the the balck jags less prone to failure than the grays? I know the blacks also serve as a serial to CAN hub, but I’m talking about normal PWM operation.

2228 got same as last year