What kind of camera should we use for vision tracking?

We want to do vision tracking to assist in autonomous and for shooting.

I recommend a webcam that will interface with your RoboRio.

The Microsoft Lifecam 3000 is a USB camera. It was on FIRST choice, so many teams will be using it this year (It’s out of stock at First Choice, but you should be able to buy some from Amazon). The upside to the Lifecam is that it is easy to use and set up. A downside is that there are no native mounting solutions. I’ve 3D printed one in the past, and will be building one out of polycarb this year since our printer is broken.

Axis cameras are discontinued I guess.

Really, any USB webcam or network camera will work. The Lifecam and the Axis (if you can find one) are the two major ones that teams use.

Keep in mind the number of ports on the radio this year, limiting camera choices.

It doesn’t necessarily limit you, you just need an ethernet switch.