What kind of car do you drive?

Okay, we’ve heard about everybody’s favorite car this past month. What I’d like to know is:

What do you all actually drive?

I’m having a hard time assigning cars to the teenaged characters in the book that I’m working on. I’d really appreciate your HONEST answers.

'98 Ford Windstar BABY!!!
Rockin it in luxury.

Even better… a 1988 Ford Mustang Coupe (Notchback) 5.0L 5speed… mmm V8 power… I ran a 14.8 @ 96mph in the 1/4 mile… not bad for a stock stang (cept headers)…

I don’t drive I get rides everywhere from my Dad

88 BMW 528e…silver…V6 i believe…

If you don’t want to have to wait for this thread to pan out, check out the one from last May: What kind of car do you drive??

96 Ford Contour…4 dr sedan. I-4. standard. max 110 mph. (not that I’ve ever tested that…thats just what the governor is set at cough)

98 Chevy truck (uhh…they have a name…but i dont know it)…3 dr. V-8. auto. max 100 mph. Best acceleration of our 3 cars :slight_smile:

00 Ford Focus…4 dr sedan. Biggest I-4 Ford makes. standard. Probably 110mph…haven’t checked the manual…due to the fact we don’t have one. Nice car…just got it (newly used) and it had 40k miles! after TWO YEARS! Ack.

The contour is my main ride. It is my dad’s car. I’m not allowed to drive the truck or the focus. The truck is being kept nice for trade-in value (we lightly haul with it…slant-loading stock trailer…3 animals I think.) Then the focus I can’t drive because of the newness factor :slight_smile: I would be stuck driving a 96 ford windstar but my sister totaled it, forcing us to get a semi-new car with the insurance money. Nice :slight_smile: (Got $5000+ from a beat-up 96 minivan with 100k+ miles and many bumps and bruises)

I have a decent stereo in the contour. A $190 Pioneer HU…cd player…45wx4…not the best, but ehh. Then I have 2 Kenwood 5x7" front speakers. 2-way I think. Then the rear speakers are OEM. One is blown out and the other one is just about ready to go. (heh…I’m really railing on the back speakers…Only using low frequencies and have it like 75% on rear…nearly max volume)

A red rusty hunk of junk 86’ Chevy Nova

1996->1999 : 1988 Ford Van (full size)
1999->2001 : 1999 Dodge Ram
2001->present: 2001 Dodge Ram

I own you all:

1982 Chevy Chevette woot! white (kinda) 1.6 liter

Or I’m stealing one of our other cars:

1997 Red Ford Mustang Conv.
1997 Purple Plymouth Voyager
1986 Blue Toyota MR2


1996 Honda Accord EX. I wish I had a lifted 4x4 Jeep Cherokee.

A dark green Saturn SL2. Okay, so it’s boring, but at least I don’t feel like I’m driving a tin can. But my last car was a teeny tiny teal Geo Storm. My Teal Mobile was comfortable to drive, but it was a tin can (someone once threw someone else onto the hood and did $1,000 worth of damage.


Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell. Anonymous

Well, I don’t drive a car, but I have a tendency to drive people crazy… I hope…


does the robot count?

Like I said in the other car post… my vehicle is an '88 Chevy Blazer. But I also drive the other 3 vehicles that my family owns. a '95 Infiniti J30t, a '96 Mercedes E-320, and a '98 Oldsmobile Silhouette.

/me [heart] the Infiniti and the Mercedes :smiley:

Would that be a K5 blazer or an s-10 blazer?

But in my other post I had my 2 old cars and have since found this new car I currently drive… but they were all Mustangs so it doesn’t matter…


i just bought a '99 mustang (35th anniversary…3.8L) with my own cash :slight_smile: feels good to own my own car that i paid for

i used to drive a '91 lumina z34 with a 4.1L engine… yummy. stupid car and its unwillingness to start…

Mazada Miata.

No matter what anyone says, it’s not just a chick car.

VW Cabriolet. AKA, The Duck. I’m not telling why. Only used when a back seat is needed. Also overdue for an oil change. Yes, you all really needed to know that to.

-Andy A.