What Kind of Drive control setup does your team use?

Our team uses 2 Logitech joysticks. One controls motion of the robot by moving it backward and forward and then the twist action to have the robot steer. The other one is for Copilot and it runs manipulator functions. Just kind of curious to see what kind of stuff other people were using on their robots.

My team used a playstation controller for the movement (one joystick was for forwards/backwards and strafing; the other joystick was for turning; one button was for an auto-align) with a box of buttons for the lift and arm mechanism.

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We use one of these bad boys for driving the robot, changing robot direction (which side of the bot is considered the front), switching cameras, and speed control (along with a couple other small things). We use a generic Xbox 360 controller for our mechanisms and climb

I have always wanted to see a team using one of these Farming Simulator controllers but have yet to find a team that does:


Yes, I love those. My dream setup [would be one of these] along with a stream deck to run manipulator functions for copilot. (https://www.amazon.com/Spektrum-Interlink-Simulator-Controller-SPMRFTX1/dp/B07WTWFDF8/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=usb+controller&qid=1570671452&s=toys-and-games&sr=1-1)

Tank drive with two Logitech Attack 3s for the last ~10 seasons. We’ve looked at Cheesy drive and a few other options, but they never quite made sense to switch to.


We switched to Forza style drive this past season, with our throttle on the right trigger, reverse on the left trigger, and steering on the left stick. Running Xbox style controllers.

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For several years we’ve been using a generic Logitec type game pad, we switched to a generic Xbox pad this year. All functions on one controller, since 2016. We had two people controlling the robot before then.

Just a generic Playstation game pad, forwards/backwards on the left stick, triggers for turning, and the rest of the buttons for switching between robot positions. One controller for the whole thing.

Team 5923 has been using standard XBox Controllers…we have investigated several joysticks but our drivers seem to prefer the Xbox ones.

We own one and tested it but didn’t like it that much. It seemed harder for the operator to keep track of what buttons they were on and we didn’t want them looking down at the box all the time. We weren’t super impressed with the build quality either.

We’ve been using Thrustmaster T16000m sticks for a couple of years now, they’re great! Ambidextrous, hall effect based, plenty of buttons and axes. For the operator we just use a Logitech F310, we think it’s easier for them to keep buttons straight and pick up controls on a controller they’re used to instead of a button box.

For Team 279, we change it almost every year based on driver preference.
When we had a WCD we used a Forza/Need for Speed style setup on PS4 controllers. Right trigger forward, left trigger reverse, left thumbstick steered. We also had a two-speed gearbox that would stay in low gear unless you held a button down (like a NOS button in racing games), then snap back to low gear when released.

When we build mecanum robots, our go-to is “FPS” style controlling with a gamepad where the left thumbstick translates forward/reverse/strafe and the right thumbstick is rotation.

We use 3 logitech attack 3s. 2 for the driver and 1 for our operator. On drive we use a tank style with 1 stick controles one side of the robot and the other stick controls the other side of the robot and then the operator uses the stick’s trigger to shoot cargo and we use the stick to move our arm. They are quite expensive but work very well.

Our team uses xbox one controllers with tank controls and we found that a 10 ft cable was useful for picking up from the loading station because they could move around to get closer to the loading station from the middle drive station

We use an older Skorpion joystick for the drive control (forward/reverse drive, twist turn, side/side strafe) and a PXN Button Board Deluxe for mechanism control. The button board was new this year, but proved to be an extremely good and easy-to-implement solution.

Last year, we ran standard tank controls with a pair of Apem HF series joysticks. High price point, but with the amount of Logitech flight sticks we used to go through, they have been a good, durable, high-precision investment.

Over the summer, we’ve been practicing tank with those, and Cheesy Drive with an Xbox One controller.

Our operator uses a PS4 Controller, which has 2 more buttons than an Xbox controller.

We use an Xbox controller for our driver using Forza style, who does all movement, and all hatch manipulation. Our operator does everything else on a Logitech controller. Using two different controllers is just driver/operator preference since it’s so easy to port the controls between the Logitech and Xbox controllers.

just a slight correction, before we switched to the APEM sticks we used the usb version of the CH products Flightstick Pro

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we use an xbox controller. Sometimes we use atk3 on the side for manipulators but if we can fit everything in one controller, we have a single driver. This past season, we had one driver with xbox controller, the year before we had 2 drivers, one for actual driving and other for manipulating the lift and cube intake.