What kind of encoder I should choose

I want encoders for chassis to path following what kind and what type of encoder should I choose

What motors are you using, and what type of control system have you implemented?

Differential drive and CIM motors

What gearboxes and other chassis configuration do you have? [This is to help figure out mechanically which encoders will be easiest/most robust to mount]
What motor controllers? Are you controlling them with CAN or PWM? [If using the SRX or MAX over CAN, you have the option of connecting the encoder there rather than to the RIO]
What is your control system language and model (timedRobot, commandBased)? [To help identify templates for you]

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We are using a custom gearbox with totally 6 CIMs on chassis we are looking for more like a CIMCoder but can we just plug a 600PPR 2 channel rotary encoder to a shaft from one of the CIMs(there are holes in front of every shaft so we think we can extend one of them and plug a encoder to it)

It’s generally better to put your encoder as mechanically close to the thing you’re measuring as possible. For a drive train, this would be one of the wheel axles. This is to minimize backlash, that is the slop of the gears engaging with the shaft, the shaft with the next gear, the next gear with its shaft, etc. The only time I tried to use a CIMcoder (the original), I wasn’ t happy with the results even without backlash because it was difficult to get properly centered and aligned. If you do put your encoder on the motor output, make sure that it can handle operating at 5500rpm and that at that speed it doesn’t generate too fast an input for wherever you’re connecting it (you still haven’t said).

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