What kind of laptops on the market have a Track Stick like feature?

I am in the market for a new laptop, and I despise touchpads.

I know whatever I will get will have a touchpad as well, but if it has a trackstick/nipple featurethat would be a big plus.

So… what kind of laptops still have those nowadays?

(My old laptop is a Dell Inspiron 8100 & has a Track Stick which I used so much when mobile I had to replace the cover on it at least 3 times.)

Do any Dell laptops still have the Track Stick feature?

Thinkpads, and Dell Latitudes have the “nipple” feature. There might be one other but I don’t know the name.

Where can i find cheap replacement covers for the track stick? i love my 8200 too much to let it be replaced lol

I wasn’t sure if this was a feature that transferred over when IBM sold their PC/laptop business to Lenovo, so I went to their web site, and sure enough, Lenovo Thinkpads still have the “track stick” feature. Personally, I just plug in a mouse. :smiley:

Some Toshibas used to have the pointer as well.