What kind of robot are you?

What kind of robot are you? Defense, shooter, ferry/breach?

For all those people voting other, what are you guys thinking of?

I had an idea for a sort of “Bellhop Robot.”

The robot would start as a Spy Bot and could open up things like the Sally Port, Drawbridge, Cheval de Frise, and Portcullis.

Though, I don’t know whether or not opening a door from an apposing alliance’s side counts as damaging the defense.

Just an idea. :slight_smile:

Then I would suggest you read further into the rules, consider page 31.

It doesn’t.

■ starts free of contact with the DEFENSE and completely in the NEUTRAL ZONE
■ traverses the DEFENSE such that its BUMPERS go fully between the adjacent SHIELDS/GUARDRAIL, and
■ ends up fully contained by the opponent’s COURTYARD.

So opening a door from the Courtyard doesn’t count, but if a robot from the courtyard side opened a door allowing a different robot to enter, would that count?

Yes, it would count towards your alliance given that the robot actually crossing the defense is in accordance with those three guidelines. It would only count as one cross, however, even if your robot is holding the door open.