What kind of things should be taken to competition

hey we just want to know what kind of things should be taken to a regional competition?

every tool you can carry and spare parts

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So ya, our team usually sees what nuts, bolts and screws we have on the robot (nut size, philips and flathead screwdrivers, allen wrench sizes.) But only the sizes used on the robot. It’d seem pointless to bring a random one, ya know?
Have the elctronics team run through and find out the tools they need (if you used something not often used) and then bring crimpers, wire strippers, side cutters, and replacment pieces.
O_O; and zip ties…

don’t forget the zip ties…

a robot

zip ties
every hand tool you used to build you bot (including ones to take it apart)

Parts/tools you think other teams might need to borrow (chain breakers are pretty popular). Extra batteries (AA, AAA, power tool). Extension cord. Power strip. First aid kit. Antacids (you’re likely to be eating weird food irregularly). Something to organize your gear. 3x5 notecards for the robocoach. Pens. Your sense of humor. Patience. Gracious professionalism.

Just about everything.

First of all, make sure your team has safety goggles for everyone. Either make it a responsibility of the individual members, or buy them as a team, but DON’T show up at the competition without them.

You’ll want most of your hand tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, allen wrenches, etc…), a drill, screwdriver bits and nut drivers (if you have them), and all of your remaining kit parts. You’ve already got some crates in which to transport them. Even if you don’t use them, there’s a good chance another team will need a spare or an extra, and you can provide one for them if you’re not using it already.

Bring extra bolts and nuts. Especially the size you only use about fifteen of, since you’ve probably got a few hundred extra 1/4-20 bolts.

As has been mentioned, don’t forget the zip ties. Also remember to bring wire, electrical tape and crimp terminals. The inspectors may want you to insulate an exposed contact or something, and it’s nice if you don’t have to borrow some like I did in our rookie year.

I believe you’re supposed to have a first-aid kit in the pit, and you should stock up on adhesive bandages too.

You’ll also want a way to store tools while in your pit, so think about that too. The pit dimensions should be in the “At the Events” manual, but I can’t find them at the moment.

Pit dimenensions are 10’x10’x10’.
It’s in

Keep in mind it might vary a bit by location.

Lots of hints here under “Competitions”

first aid kit judges will wanna see that

Things to bring:

  • Any tool, nut, bolt, screw or similar item that has a counterpart on the robot.
  • Any Fabricated Item that might break (up to 25 lbs worth).
  • Batteries and charger, assuming you didn’t ship them with the robot.
  • All students and mentors that are supposed to be there. Be sure to take them home, too.
  • First Aid kit and safety glasses.
  • Bottled water (the one food/beverage allowed in the pits).
  • Small white board. Useful for strategy/status updates.
  • Andy scouting equipment you have.
  • Extra raw materials–just keep the amount small, but big enough to do a repair.
  • Power strip.
  • Gracious Professionalism.
  • Permission/release forms.
  • Some place to store all of the above, plus backpacks and coats.

Things to leave home:

  • Welder (can’t use in pits)
    *]Grinder (" " " ")
    And, if you really want the exhaustive list, see Manual Section 3. There is a checklist or two near the end of the section.

Don’t forget to bring kit parts you didn’t use, as other teams may have a use for them during the competition - especially motors. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But does Manufacturing ever listen? No… :slight_smile:

a hammer…
a fully charged iPod to keep one sane during the times of waiting…
caffeine…lots of caffeine

  • your sense of humor
  • patience
  • curiosity that will encourage you to meet other teams and talk with them
  • appreciation for your team, your sponsors, your parents -
  • the ability to stay focused and on task when needed and at the same time to enjoy every moment
  • good sportsmanship no matter how the matches play out
  • respect for the volunteers: the inspectors, the refs, the field setters, the folks that make the event happen for the teams
  • your cell phone charger

This deserves repeating. Almost everyone you will interact with, at the regional, will be a volunteer of some fashion. Make sure you thank them at every opportunity you get. They are taking time out of their busy lives to help run this event. The least we can do as participants is to show patients and extent a little of that FIRST GP to the volunteers as well, even to the refs when they make a call you don’t agree with.

One thing I suggest you do now: Make a list of every tool you’re using to build the robot. Bring every single one of those tools (or as many as you can fit in your pit–obviously, you’re not fitting a waterjet machine).

Invariably, there is someone who leaves their rivet tool and drill index 750 miles away. I have been that guy. Don’t be that guy.

There is actually quite a lovely checklist in the FIRST Manual - the very last page of Section 3 - “At the Events” http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Community/FRC/FRC_Documents_and_Updates/2008_Assets/Manual/3%20-At%20the%20Events-RevC.pdf. It is a great way to start the thought process.

If you look on the checklist - Safety Glasses are the **ONE THING **that is REQUIRED!

And along the same lines, First Aid kits are actually optional. A good idea, but optional. It is more important that your team knows what to do in case of an injury, and how to prevent the injury in the first place, than being able to produce a first aid kit for the judge.

yep any spare parts and all your tools no matter what they are because you never know when u will need them.

You could bring food by stuffing it under your jacket and in your pants :yikes:

BRAIN FOOOOOOOD! :stuck_out_tongue:

Our hand drill was jacked at the end of LA last year and we had to borrow 1280’s so we could open our crate at Davis…

  • lots and lots of zip ties in various colors
  • buttons and other handouts
  • your mascot
  • freshmen
  • 3+ robot battery chargers
  • USB stick full of code revisions
  • nice, organized craftsman/tool chest
  • a couple kit crates or something else to elevate the bot on
  • robot cart