What makes a good teaser photo?

There has been some discussion about teaser pics recently, some of which was complaints about “dumb” photos.

So, what (in your opinion) makes a good teaser pic? Does it show a whole subsystem? Does it show the whole robot? Or, is it vague and keep you hoping for more?

By definition a “teaser” photo would fall under your last category.

something that will not be easy to figure out but gives you a chance to figure out what the part or robot actualy does.

My thoughts are it should be a fabricated part, and not a part that everyone in FIRST received in the kit or a full robot… (I’m serious, keep reading;) )

A good teaser pic can have a kit part incorporated into it (re: subassembly) but not just a kit part.

Also, don’t take a picture of the kit-bot all assembled and say that is your teaser pic. That’s lame… Every one got the same kit. I think we have enough pictures of them.

A picture of a custom fabricated part that your team put effort into making (more than a simple pillow block or wheel spacer) would be cool…

Examples of these different scenarios could be, Swamp thing’s body from this year, The crazy custom Omni wheels from 2003, and last year people were showing, or the picture a few years back (someone find the link) of a full robot being transported in the backseat of a car, but you couldn’t tell what it did by the angle the picture was shot at.

Also, I have to admit that Tom and team 195 has some cool teaser pics this year. It is a picture of the robot, but it it blocked out in a solid color, so you can see the basic shape in it’s square blocky old school NES graphics way, but can’t tell what it is. And the best thing about it, is that it is very simple to do even in MS paint. AHHH What is under that grey block???

Personally, I do not like teasers that much…But for me, I like to see a ton of detail in a teaser. Like if a team were to build a whole robot…that would be great! :smiley: Keep on teasin til around ship date. Then let’s see the real deals! :slight_smile:


Personally, teaser pictures that show a plate with a hole or two in it annoy me. Why? Because it really cannot keep you on your toes. What my mind reads off those pictures is: “So their robot will have a plate with a hole on it…” If a teaser picture shows a part that has a million different uses, or is not original, than to present it is to waste server space.

Now that I’ve presented an example of a horrible teaser, let me present what I believe is an excellent teaser picture. The picture must show more than one part, preferably an assembly of some sort, and present it in a way that can show the audience what the basic parts are while keeping their use a secret.
Originality of the part is also a key, and in that way it will keep the viewers guessing.

With that said, I’ve spent my two cents for the day.


somthing you can actually reconise and thwerefore think about as a part of a robot and not a picture of a bunch of random stuff.

<sarcasm> YOUR WHOLE ROBOT :stuck_out_tongue: </sarcasm>

i totally agree with elgin to be honest…

They are meant to make you think…