What manipulator do you guys use?

  • Horizontal Roller (Includes pneumatically controlled intakes)
  • Vertical Roller (includes pnumatically controlled intakes)
  • Claw
  • Horizontal to Claw Pass Off
  • Vertical to Claw Pass Off
  • Other

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Does Horizontal/Vertical refer to axle orientation or plane the rollers rotate in?


I answered horizontal roller claw, but it also has a wrist to enable it to flip 180*.

112 has a horizontal roller claw with a pneumatic claw and also a pneumatically actuated vertical roller intake.

9016 has a clamp in system using suction cups and pneumatics.

Horizontal plane

oh. interesting. lemme guess, horizontal for cubes and vertical for cones?

Iā€™m unfortunately still not getting your meaning. Would an Everybot be vertical roller or horizontal roller?


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OTB intake for cubes off of floor.
Gripper for cones and cubes of double substation and floor (however faster to use otb intake for cubes on floor. We have more details on our build thread if you are interested.

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