What motor and gear reduction do you suggest to operate the ball intake, same for the ball shooter and the roller, to turn the control panel disc?

We are motor challenged.


For an intake you can use smaller motors that don’t like being stalled like 775’s and 550’s for example you can also use a bag motor. For a gear ratio I suggest calculating your drivetrain speed in feet per second and making your intake speed 3 times that provided that your intake does not need more torque then what is provided at that speed.

For a shooter you can use many different types of motors you could use anything from a single cim to two 550’s the gear ratio for the shooter would have to depend on your shooter wheel size and your motor rpm.

For the control panel you could use a bag motor or a 550, you don’t need a whole lot of power. For the gear ratio the game manual does not suggest spinning it faster than 60 RPM the gear ratio would depend on your motor rpm your contact wheel or gear size

For the control panel, this is probably the best opportunity to use a window motor for a game piece or arena manipulation that FRC has presented in a while.

How long do you want to spend spinning the pizza? And how big is the thing you’re going to spin it with? I would think a window motor might be a tad slow…

Does “Current/former KOP Automotive motors” include the window motors? I don’t have any here so I can’t compare with the manufacturers part numbers.

You aren’t even allowed to go faster than 60rpm which is 1 rotation per second. Using the outer edge that’s already awfully slow.

For an intake the previous advice is good. Vex 775 pro motor with a vex versaplanetary maybe 8 to 1

We have a feeder between intake and shooter and planing on using the same thing as above but with a little higher gering.

Our shooter is run by a neo direct drive at about 3000rpm

Spinning wheel
Also a vex VP with a 775pro and a compliant wheel or to from Andy Mark to run on the edge or the spinner. Have to do some maths on max rpm.

The Denso 262100-3030 and Denso 262100-3040 are left and right-hand window motors.
Added: also the Denso 5-163800-RC1.
The other Denso is the throttle motor, the Bosch is a seat motor, and the Johnson Electric is a power lift gate motor.

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For spinning the control panel, we found that a 16:1 reduction with a 57 sport planetary gearbox worked very well. We could spin the panel about once every 1.2 seconds (50 RPM)

I recommend you look into JVN’s design spreadsheet, this is the best way to calculate the perfect gear ratio and motors needed for your mechanisms. Wish my team knew that back in the days

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