What motor is this?

Does anyone know what the part# of this motor is? Is it legal for 2016? Yes, I have the manual, but I do not know the part number for this motor. All is says is “Asm in Mexico”



That is a Globe motor and is not legal this year. According to the spec sheet the part number is 409A587.

Thanks for the quick reply! Back to the motor box…

This has been this year’s presentation of Globe Motor: a History of Mystery. Thanks for watching.

part of me hopes you’ve been sitting on this and didn’t just search for all of these threads just now

Still my favorite motor of all time. I miss you, globe motor… :frowning:

Nice movie. Looking forward to the sequel since “Globe Motor Mystery, Part 2”.

It is out of vehicle. Just have to convince to RI that it is out of a door rather than a transmission.

Hmmm depends on the vehicle. Globe used to make (and probably still does) the motors for fin control on cruise missles. Very similar motor actually. I guess a missile is not a vehicle though… certainly not an auto… although it does fly autonomously…

I thought it was Select Automotive Motors and not “vehicle”
(Window, Door, Windshield Wiper, Seat,Throttle)