what motor should I use

Our robot has a blocking arm the opens and closes with a wiper motion. Originally we were gonna use window motors but there is no play between the chasis of the motor and pinion gear. So we don’t know how to mount it. Any suggestions on what else we can use??

If you’re looking for a motor that’s more easily mountable it depends on where you’re trying to mount it. Do you have a picture of the situation? That might help the CD community to give you meaningful advice.


this what the motor we want to use looks like. We don’t know how to mount it to the robot

Yes, these types of gearboxes are typically mounted by the holes in their front plate as I am sure you are already aware. My question is: What are you trying to mount the motor to/to the motor?

I just realized that this is not what I was trying to say. What I meant to say was “How you mount the motor depends on where you’re trying to mount it and what the motor’s trying to accomplish.” This would best be answered by a picture of the robot not of the motor.

Sorry for the confusion; apparently what I typed was not what I thought I was typing.