What motors are you using for your lift?

Does anyone have any suggestions for what type of motor we could use for our lift? We found that bag motors are a little slow. We were trying to go with rs775’s but having some trouble with the adapter. We only have 1 cim more allowed because we already used 5 on our drive.

And with that how did you guys hook up the motor? Planetary gear box? Simple box?

Just looking for some ideas.

I know of some team that is using a worm gear box so there is no drift.

Anyways thanks,
Joshua Sicz

A 775 in the 18v version does have enough power to lift 3 totes and a container. A Mini Cim also works. Personally I love the Versa Planetary for this sort of an application. The 775 motors interface with it very easily. You can interface the CIM or Mini CIM with it but you need to cut the shaft to assembly it per Vex recommendation. You also have a huge number of possible gear ratios with the Versa Planetary.

My team is doing an elevator system that is run with chain. Our system is run by two Andymark 9015 motors and a 1:35 planetary from vex. These are the stats for the system are here.
Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.08.46 PM.png

With what we have so far it seems to work fine, but if the 9015 motors are not strong enough we are going to switch to the bane bots RS-775-18 motors. Here are the stats for the RS-775-18 motors.
Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.15.40 PM.png

My best advice would be to use the dual input attachment for the vex pro planetary gearbox. They are very easy to work with.

Best of luck!

PS. If you do use the 9015 motors, you have to cut the output shafts down a little for it to work with the dual input.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.08.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.15.40 PM.png

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.08.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.15.40 PM.png

We’re using 2 drive gearboxes with power take off, 2 CIMs per box. It’s not quite enough to lift 3 totes, but we plan to gear it down more.

Our tote lifter is powered by a CIM, through a toughbox, and chain sprocket reduction, which powers a cam, that lifts the arm. Kind of complicated sounding, but it works.

Our container lifter also uses a CIM and toughbox, and even more chain sprocket speed reduction, and it’s also counterbalanced with a gas spring, and Latex tubing.

Springs of some sort can really help reduce the load on the motor, if you can figure out a way to use them. Our container lifter is balanced so that it needs to be driven down with a little bit of force when not holding a container, and driven up with about the same amount of force when it is holding a container. This cuts the load on the motor by quite a bit.

We’re using a van door motor with a 3.5 in winch. It lifted all 6 totes and a recycling bin 6 feet in like 4 or 5 seconds with no problem. I think we might up the size of the winch to 5 in so it’ll go a bit faster. Van door motor is probably the simplest solution for this game because it has tons of torque and it’s fairly easy to implement (don’t need a gearbox or anything).

We are using a Mini-CIM hooked up to a 30:1 versaplanitary gearbox. It lifts our whole 70inchs in about 4 seconds and can handle up to (theoretically) 300 lbs. (We ran some tests to see how much it could lift, but we broke the scale before the motor failed.) We also have no drift simply due to the ration we are using, it being to hard to turn without a substantial amount of force trying to back drive it.

Good luck!

Is this designed to create a reciprocating motion from the tote lifter while still only having to drive the motor forward? Sounds interesting/promising.

Well…that would be nice, but it needs to reverse. We didn’t come up with the cam design until a few days ago, and there’s other stuff in the way of making it so it can go all the way around. The linkage system we’re using on the container lifter will probably go all the way around in one direction.

We are using one RS775-18 through a drill motor planetary on the low speed.

One cim on a toughbox. Lifts 6 totes at reasonable speed without a problem.

Two AndyMark WormBoxes, each driven by a CIM. We didn’t want to have to deal with a brake mechanism on our lift, so a worm drive was the obvious choice.

Overkill, but a little overkill never hurt anyone.

Two CIMs, each on a Toughbox Nano. In testing today, looks to hold three totes and a container in place like a champ. Our grabber however… needs work.

Probably overkill, but it also gives us a nice counterweight to our lift.

One CIM on a CIMple Box. It should work for what we need it to.

(“Why?” You ask. “Because,” I reply, “it’s what we had on hand and purchase orders are a pain!”)

Is this with all 6 + bin?

Wow, thanks for all that info. It really came in handy. I really do like your suggestion. If we do the VersaPlanetary Dual Motor Input, with 2 rs775 - 18v what gear ratio would you suggest? 1 to3? We are looking to lift all 6 totes + bin in about 3 - 4 sec. Also do you know of the shipping time for banebot. That might be the right choice for us, to go through banebot. We just need the items this week.

Joshua Sicz

Very interesting, we have tons of window motors in our shop. We might have to try it.

Please remember thermal mass when/if you want to hold elevator position in PID loop with motor…the fan cooled motors are not a good choice for this.

Using two versaplanetaries, each with a 50:1 ratio and a miniCIM. Definitely going to be enough, just not sure if it is fast enough. Might downsize later to like 30:1 or something similar.

I can’t find the specs at the moment, but I’m pretty sure the Taigene van door motors have quite a bit more torque than the window motors.