What Music You Listen to on Build Season

Build Season is one of the funnest, and Looonnggesst times of the year because you stay up all night and day building well, the robot. But wait, dont you ever get bored building part after part or just waiting for a part to come in the shop? What I do is listen to music, like others. What I am asking here is what kind of music do you all listen too while in the shop?For me well…im a little shy but my music is ska and my band is…



We listen aloud to alot of G-UNIT AND 50 CENT

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best noobification ever (i think thats what that style of post is called)[/quote]

Our Shop is rigged witha ll kinds of music devices. It was my first build season, and I’m the only girl there. Out of like 17 people. The next couple years of my life should be interesting. o_o

Anyway. We have the local Rock Stations (XL 102, and y101) blaring over the company’s loudspeaker. Over in the “programming/crimping/sautering/electrical” corner, area where my mentor an I work, we had a heater (because Infared heating is not warm --) and a radio. We, Chad and I, listend to THe Killers, Techno, Metallica, and Linkin Park.

Our Vice president had his latop blaring iTunes, mostly green day, over by the build team. There was never a moment without music. And there never should be. Why do you think they play music at competition?

We listen to the one radio station that comes in…WBAB 102.3

We had speakers and if someone brought an Ipod or mp3 player we would listen to whatever was on that. That led to some very random music choices.

we always listened to the old shop standard, any station that played “The Best of the 80’s, 90’s, and Now” By week 4 we brought in an old cd player and listened to whatever cd’s people had in their cars and such.