What NEW Vex Accessories Would You Like TO See?

What NEW Vex Accessories Would You Like TO See?

Sensors, motors, structural parts, WHAT?

Thanks for any suggestions.


As for motors, a high speed, low tourque motor would be helpful for rapid action, small space components.

As well as that, a slightly wider selection of wheels would be intersting.

If possible, Mecanum wheels would be very fun to play with. However, I don’t know how much the cost would be to make some that small…

Besides a smallish higher speed motor, how about a small (7.2V <10A?) speed controller and a small breaker panel to make it easy to drain the battery - er, I mean: build shooters, etc.?

Up the system voltage to 12v. I saw some neat little batteries close to the size of a 7.2v pack except it was 12v with 0.250" tab connectors. This was at Fry’s if anyone wants to go see them.

Plus, they should publish the fact that the PWM periods on the VEX controller is the same as on the FRC controller.

The BIGGEST feature i’d like to see on the next rev of the VEX controller is a **second TTL serial port so next year’s FVC challenge can use the CMUcam. ** (hear that, FVC admin people? :smiley: )

Thats all for now.


What diameter? How much would you be willing to pay?

I did some for an EduBot a couple of years ago and for a KitBot last year. I might be able to arrange something if there was sufficient demand. I’ll have to check into my cost though.

*Gyroscope - I understand that one can be connected to the microcontroller with some custom wiring and programming, but i think it would be more convenient for the people starting with robotics to have a compatible vex gyroscope.

*Camera - I heard this could also be done with some hardware and software hacking but on a more advanced level. A compatible vex camera (CMU or any other) would really expand the autonomous capabilities of the vex robots.

*sound sensor - for sound activation, like the one in the mindstorms NXT kit.

*Wider variety of motors

*Upgraded remote control, or even some type of operator interface so more advanced users can make their own controls.

*cheaper vex pneumatics kits.

I think the vex kits are great already, but the above accessories will really give it an advantage over the other kits.

A camera would be pretty awesome, but you know what I’d like to see? An infrared remote control, like the one that you use (and can never find) on your television. You could then use the Vex system to do things you wouldn’t want to whip out the big radio for, like having a robot open up a bottle of root beer* and send it down the conveyor to your couch.

Beyond that, a simple e-stop button to connect to the tether port would be kinda awesome. (The spec is already on the VexLabs site–it’s just grounding two pins on the tether port.)

*Hey, you can have the thing open whatever you want–I’m just underage. :wink:

I second the Gyroscope. A “Vex Gyro” would be sweet, but a generic one would be just as cool.
I would also love to see an simple square shaft to round shaft coupler that would allow an untold number of items to be connected, specifically, I am thinking of potentiometers.
I also agree that a camera would be really nice. Also, lower cost pneumatics would be nice.

I would like to see all components the same allen size. And about 14 more allen wrenches in the kit. With high school students, they can stay “found” for about 0.015 sec; the ones we can find are rounded and unusable.

I like the idea of the gyroscope, but i have done that it’s no different than on the full size FRC.

The camera is also a good idea, but all you do to run a standard camera off a vex is use a Y cable for power from one of the digital in/outs and to run a wire from the TTL level TX on the camera to VEX RX port pin closest to the RX label and a wire from the TTL RX on the camera to the VEX TX pin closest to the TX label. Once you do that you can run the camera off Kevin’s camera code just follow his instructions on how to use it with the EDU bot.

also i have run Victors speed controllers, hobby servos, accelerometers, gear tooth sensors, and a number of homebrew sensors with the same software as i did on the FRC controller.

I like the idea of a 12v system instead of the 7.2v system, but you would loose the much of your compatibility with standard hobby parts.

The VEX controller already has 2 serial ports the Program port and the TX/RX pins by the inputs.

i like the idea of cheaper vex pneumatics.

I the vex controller should be upgraded to the 18f8722 from the 18f8720 that it’s running now.

My current vex wish list:

  • Worm Gears
  • Rack & Pinion Gears
  • Cams
  • IR collision dection sensors
  • springs (shock absorbers, stored energy, etc.)

How about a few more and different types of gears? Bevel Gears, a Rack to use the existing gears as a rack and pinion, Worm gears, and maybe even a planetary gear set up.

Wow that would be awesome if you were given a crown gear and drive tape.

You know what i’m thinking… :yikes:


Definately for more, cooler gears. More sizes of spur gears, worm gear, rack and pinion, bevel, etc

mecanum wheels

More wheel sizes (including wider width wheels)

Removable/replacable/variable wheel treads (for replacing worn ones, adjusting tractions, etc)

3-axis joystick for vex controller

more powerful motors (come on, you know you want em :wink: )

More sprocket sizes

Smaller shaft encoders

not likely, since they would have to make custom screws, or redesign the servos and collars to use larger screws.

I bought a pair of cheezy Sears Craftsman ball hex drivers, number 41660 and 41661, they seem to be a big help. Also the 41973 11/32 nutdriver comes in very handy. Using these real tools instead of those provided with the kit is a big help.

Though I’ve yet to use any Vex stuff at this point, I’ve noticed one thing. They have the Metal and Hardware kit, which is a bunch of metal and stuff to add onto the stuff in the kit, why not make a Sensor Kit, which has, say, one of each sensor?

The only thing that I can think of that has not been said (the wrenches REALLY need improvement though - the two that came with my starter kit are completely rounded off (my replacement wrenches have ball-point ends… awesome to work with and they haven’t rounded yet: this or this style)) is rubber coated treads. While the treads do well on carpet, the performance on hard surfaces like cardboard is really sub-par. If there was some sort of rubber coating it would be perfect; I have put rubber bands around my treads to get the same sort of effect.

Keep up the great work Intellitek!

More/ longer extension cables
Bigger variety of threads and belting

Clutches with metal sleeve inserts would be AMAZING!

I’d really like to see belts and pulleys. They’d be a huge help. Servos that start level with the clutch would be awesome. I don’t like how they start all weird like that. More collars need to come with the kit, too. I ran out quickly and then bought the metal kit for more and ran out of those, too. So I have another package arriving tonight along with a bunch more stuff… including the Sprocket and Chain Kit I had to wait a long time for. Mecanum wheels would be awesome! I also want better instructions for using stuff… like the sensors.