What now?

ok now that the championship is over now what should your team do?

well there are always off season events and side projects, but what about doing another full competition. what about a competition that will help train your new recruits for next year, give them a taste of the 6 week time frame, get them used to working as a team, working with tools, presenting and writing reports every thing that will be needed in the spring.

well Im challenging every team team that can to sign up for the 2008 BESTSeason. its free of charge and like I said its a great starter for the new kids on the team (also a good jog to the head for the older ones that “know” every thing).

so heres to you finding your local hub and signing up.

It would be fun if they didn’t restrict it to school teams. Being a community-based club team, we are not welcome.

EDITED: This really bugs me. “Education can only be done by teachers” is an idea that belongs in the trash can of history.

talk with your local hub director. they might be able to work with you and find a solution to your problem. ( I know for a fact that home school cooperatives are some what common)

also, looking at that list of hubs, the most northern hub i saw was philadelphia, PA and thats STILL 9 hours from us, here in Ontario, Canada.