What objectives are you hoping accomplish in this game??

My team is still in the middle of brainstorming, but does anyone else’s team have more solid ideas? What are you guys thinking, gears only, balls only, a little of both? Does anyone have plans to trying climbing the rope?

The thing that bothers me about gears is that a: you can only carry 1 at a time (G27). b: the direct path to get gears is very easily blocked/defended and c: you can be bumped as much as anyone wants when you’re trying to put the gear on the peg

It still seems like the balls just count for too little, so unless a team has a perfected aim and endless balls, gears just seem like the only viable strategy, and it feels like games will be gearbots with the matches being decided by an alliance’s ability to climb

A really good point in the manual was that each team can modify and bring their own rope to comps. You can also knot the rope to make it easier for climbing.

…until you have placed all the gears, of course.

It seems that gears offer the best scoring opportunity, but that alone won’t win, balls up high needs to also be a capability.

I think that perfecting a ball launcher could be worth the effort, while placing gears (ideally using vision) is almost a requirement. Look at the points for placing a single gear (to turn the ‘easy’ rotor) in auto.

Placing all the gears is equivalent to 480 high goals. That number just doesnt seem possible in the 2:15 you have. And then you have the 100 point bonus in elims, which would absolutely drown a high goal robot. The only way scoring fuel would even be semi worth it is if both alliances managed to score all gears, making fuel the tiebreaker.

An alliance can place up to 13 gears in a match (Page 22). I think 3 teams might do that in 2:15…

There are 600 balls on the field, with recycling, and with unlimited possession. That’s definitely doable with the proper alliance…

Just by a rough estimation, based off page 34, 5 balls are processed a second. Going by that, 480 balls would take 96 seconds.(That leaves just under a minute)
So it is doable, but it’d certainly take a lot of coordination between alliance members and skilled drivers on each team. It just doesn’t seem feasible to me.

I wasnt talking about gears.

Isn’t all 4 rotors spinning equivalent to 120 points? With the high goal being 3 fuel per point, how does reaching 120 points take 480 fuel? Wouldn’t it be 360? I might have mixed something up, however 480 fuel is equivalent to 160 points, and not 120. Is there an additional bonus I missed? I see the 60 for getting a rotor spinning in autonomous, but that does not add up to 160.

But is it doable with your average alliance?

40 points per rotor in teleop.

I’m terribly sorry, I realized my mistake and got mixed up thinking that for some odd reason 4*40 = 120…

Sorry about the mix up, my bad!

I think that towards the start (certainly in qual matches) alliances will focus on getting gears, as they are worth a lot of points and you only need 13 to get a RP.

However, once we hit playoffs and DCMPS, I think the gears will be much more heavily defended, and fuel scoring and climbing will become much more important.

There is no way that an average alliance could shoot enough balls to add up and make it worth it. You have to consider going back and getting more balls also. Even if somehow your robot could hold 30 balls. The trips the alliance would have to make would be too hard. The other alliance could then easily score all of those points placing 13 gears if all three of them can place gears.