What Other Films Are You Waiting For?

All right, now that STAR WARS EPISODEII has opened big and SPIDER-MAN has turned out huge what other summer pics are you interested in seeing?
MEN IN BLACK II looks fun as does LILO AND STITCH ( I’m a sucker for aniamtion. If the movie is anything like it’s previews this one could be a classic!) and I have great interest in a less hyped Touchstone flick called REIGN OF FIRE. Think of it as DRAGONSLAYER meets THE ROAD WARRIOR. It sounds cool.:slight_smile:

Austin Powers 3!


James Bond: Die another Day (Whenever it comes out)

and Scooby Doo!

The Hulk and The Matrix 2

Die Another Day is going to kick %%%!
Lilo looks intresting, along with Goldmemeber.

STAR WARS: EPISODE 3, 7, 8, 9!!! The Indiana Jones movie that might come out!!!

The Matrix didn’t really impress me but I’m sure I’ll end up seeing it.
The Hulk had a good trailer.
Austin Powers 3: Goldmember.
Undercover Brother looked pretty good, but I think it is one of those movies that has all the funny jokes in the trailer.
Men In Black II is gonna be good.

Definitely Reign of Fire! Dragons are awesome.

I’m looking forward to Spirit which opens this weekend (sucker for animations as well!)

Hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll be dressing as a horse…I volunteered! YAY! Well, it’s all for the movie Spirit. Even though I heard it’s the Lion King with horses


MIB2, AP3, James Bond, Star Trek 10 (november)…and LOTR: Twin Towers.

My list for this summer:
-Star Wars Episode II - May 16th, 2002
-Undercover Brother - May 31st, 2002
-The Sum of All Fears - May 31st, 2002
-Bad Company - June 7th, 2002
-Bourne Identity - June 14th, 2002
-Scooby-Doo - June 14th, 2002
-Minority Report - June 21st, 2002
-Men In Black 2 - July 3rd, 2002
-Austin Powers in Goldmember - July 26th, 2002
-Signs - August 2nd, 2002
-XXX (TripleX) - August 9th, 2002
-Knockaround Guys - October 16th, 2002

And of course, in the winter…
-LOTR The Two Towers - December 18th, 2002

The Matrix: Reloaded isn’t due out until May 23rd… of next year.

I heard Lucas wasn’t doing Episode 7-9… dunno how true that is…

neways, movies:

Matrix Reloaded
Matrix Revolutions
LOTR: The Two Towers
LOTR: The Return of the King
X-2 (X-men 2)
Rush Hour 3

lotr, star wars, bond, indiana jones…but i also heard that 7,8,9 aren’t becomming movies…they kinda suck anyway, i know lucas already made the script though

*Originally posted by J 188 *
**I heard Lucas wasn’t doing Episode 7-9… dunno how true that is… **

wouldn’t surprise me if he leaves it after ep. 3. Although…7-9 could potentially be better because the story line won’t have to be as limited as 1-3. Well, the 1-3 story didn’t have to be limited, but it is. So…i dunno.

Definitely looking forward to MIB 2 and LOTR 2-3. Normally, i don’t get hyped about sequels, but MIB 2 looks hilarious. LOTR will be good if they follow the story as well as the first did. Matrix 2-3…trying not to hold my breath too bad so i won’t be disappointed if they suck.

Also, there were a couple of cool previews before Spiderman…the guy who joins the CIA cause his twin brother got killed, and the one with Adam Sandler both look funny.

Oh, and i want to see stuart little 2…:smiley:

I read the book for Ep 8 (or was it 7)… but anyways… trust me, you wouldn’t want that to become a movie. There just isn’t enough to become a movie, and it would most likely be bland.

i’m waiting to see Reign of Fire, which i heard about from a friend. i so love dragons! i really hope they don’t hype that up too too much. i’m also waiting for Lord of the Rings, Two Towers. i’ve been waiting for that since i first read the novel many years ago, but i’m still waiting, and more anxious than ever!

Anyone know when they plan on having the new lotr trailers up? I can’t wait for it.

Dan is looking forward to:

  • MIIB (get it like the posters, foo’s! :wink: )
  • Austin Powers 3 (eh, maybe… sequel seemed a bit bleh, seems to me like they’re doing the 3rd to make a few more bucks on an already dead idea… might be cool though)
  • James Bond (when I saw the trailer for this at Star Wars, it began with a classical James Bond opening (meaning naked chicks). I thought it was Bond, but wasn’t exactly sure. Suddenly it cuts to a car speeding accross the ice with the Bond music playing. When this happened, I smiled, sat back in my seat, and was like, “Yeeeeaaaah…” Bond is classic!)

Scooby Doo has great childhood memories, but it’s either going to be pretty cool or pretty bad. Can’t tell that well from the previews.

As for Reign of Fire, I’ve never heard of it before, but I just saw the trailer off quicktime.com… looks pretty cool. Another trailer on there is Zu Warriors… the special effects in that movie look amazing!

They decided not to release Zu Warriors in the US. Go to http://www.upcomingmovies.com you can get the scoop on any movie in production for the next five years!:cool:

I didn’t include it in my initial list of summer want-to-see list but the more I heard about it, the more my interest grew. It also helped that Memento was my favorite movie from last year, so I think Chritopher Nolan has earned a second look from me. Boy am I glad! This movie is actually better than Memento!
The movie isn’t so much about solving the murder as it is about Al Pacino’s LA Cop trying to escape what turns out to be a lifetime of dubious choices that lead him deeper and deeper into a mess that he just cannot pull himself free of.
Alot of people talk about the scene in Star Wars Episode II when Anikin’s mom dies and he gets mad and wipes out all of the Tuskin Raiders. It’s a pivotal scene but the aftermath isn’t very well written or acted. Hayden Christensen just looks like a punk kid who pouting and fuming for getting grounded for a month. When an pivitoal tragedy occurs on a stakeout early in Insomnia it is truly a wildcard that still has me wondering if it was a mistake or was it intentional. Pacino looks like the weight of the world is on his shoulders and his lack of sleep(6 days by movie end; kinda like the week before the shipping deadline
:stuck_out_tongue: ) isn’t helping. Pacino is great in the film but man he looks so bad you think it’s make up, like the poor guy never slept a day in his life! Is it really like that in Alaska ( scratch that off of my future vacations list).
It also features the best performance from Robin Williams in a long time(probably since Good Will Hunting). He’s creepy and sneaky(though I heard he has an indy film comming out called One Hour Photo where he’s outright scary as a stalker photo delveloper) at least he’s not trying to force you to LOVE ME! LOVE ME! LOVE ME! by force feeding you endless sugar sweet sappyness(I trying to figure which was a bigger career low point: WHAT DREAMS MAY COME or PATCH ADAMS! Agh! I’m having flashbacks…!)
Everybody does a great job in the movie from Hilary Swank as an eager but smart younger cop to Nicky Katt( Harry Senate on BOSTON PUBLIC) as a more moodier veteran cop.
I can’t wait to see it again!:cool:


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keanu is such a crap actor…but the matrix is awesome…

Insomia was great…so was Unfaithful…
Now I’m just waiting for
Reign of Fire
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
The Bourne Identity
One Hour Photo
Austin Powers in Goldmember
both LOTR

We have really horrible dirivng laws here, and if your under 18 you can’t drive after 11pm. Someone want to share the ending of spiderman with me, so I can tell others? They are very upset with me because we had to leave early and miss the last 20 min or so!