What penalties?

Watching matches to prescout for DCHP. At MSC Dow Semi 1

  1. At 29 seconds the official in the upper left starts waiving the flag at a single bot, no other bots around. He counts then waives off. What is the penalty he is looking at?

  2. Same official waives flag at 14 seconds during the blue climb. Looks like 6618 gets a red card? What is the call?

Not trying to call anyone or team out, just trying to figure out what the call is.

The count was for being in the exchange, maybe the penalty was extended beyond 16" and not in the platform zone. Hard to say.

The flag at 29 secs is for the Red robot crossing the Blue Exchange zone. Once that happened the Red robot needs to be at least 6 feet away before a 5 count. It was which is why the flag was waved off.

During the Blue climb it looks like 6618 may have gone out of the platform zone while attached to the rung. This would mean that 6618 was overextended (more than 16") and not in the platform zone. Since 6618 was clearing space for another robot to climb as well the penalty is considered strategic and results in a red card.

I’m not exactly sure but it looks like the first one was for blocking the opponents exchange zone. G15 (even though he gets a cube from the portal) Looks like he starts counting as soon as the bumpers cross into the box, and stops after he moves away from the exchange, but the penalty was never actually given.

The second one looks like maybe the ref thought that maybe 3767 was going to leave the platform after placing their hook. (there’s been a lot of penalties called for that. The first bot to hook tries to give the next one room but if you leave the platform it’s a violation of G05 not " fully within its
PLATFORM ZONE") but that was also called off when the ref realized they didn’t leave the platform. (Edit:Bobl’s right! Apparently they DID leave the platform zone and it resulted in points scored and therefor strategic. I didn’t watch the entire video through, sorry)

Maybe someone else can confirm. I not real sure, that’s just the best I can guess given the camera angle and the rules that seem to apply.