What powdercoating gun does your team use?

Hey everyone. This will be our teams first year powder coating the robot and as we figure things out, I am also wondering what teams use for the powder gun? If you could tell me what gun you use, if you recommend it for the price, and how well parts look after would be great.

We have been doing it for many years. We use a cheap harbor freight or grizzly tool spray gun. We get our powder from prismatic powders. And we have a repurposed electric oven from the elementary school.

It is kind of fun the, robots do look great when you’re all done.
And actually I can go from bare metal to a part on the robot powder coated faster than painting because there’s no dry time.

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There are a couple things to be aware of. For super tight tolerance fits, powder coating does actually have a thickness.
And you might want to spray underneath some kind of vent Hood powder does tend to go everywhere but can be easily vacuumed up.

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For the gun - https://www.eastwood.com/pcs250-dual-voltage-hotcoat-powder-gun.html
For the oven - https://www.homedepot.com/p/Masterbuilt-30-in-Analog-Electric-Smoker-in-Black-with-3-Racks-MB20070210/304339202
The digital smokers don’t get hot enough.
Dust control is important. I would like to design and build something like this. products | Powder Doctor

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you guys use a smoker. Interesting never thought of that.

Ordinary paint does as well.

Powder coat is typically two to six times as thick as a coat of spray paint.

I didn’t know a smoker would get hot enough.
It needs to get to 400° f.

ya same I thought that the smoke would be overwhelming too.


We use a Harborfrieght powder gun. Works fine. We also use a electric smoker. We removed and disabled the electronics and element. The factory 1400 watt is not enough power to get to 400F. We installed a 1650 watt element. The front glass window is also a big heat loss. Attached a piece of glass on the inside. Double pane of glass cut the heat loss. No problem hitting 400F.

does the foot peddle get annoying?

The forums for car guys use them. Some insulate them to make it more efficient, but it gets there un-modified.

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It actually adds a very nice flavorful bark to your gussets and tubing. Excellent with your favorite bottle of Tap Magic on a summer day.