What programming environment did you use?

Mostly out of curiosity, how many people used each of the different programming environments/programming languages?

Cheers for the linux pictools!

I program the robot in C and use MPLAB as a build system. However, I use my own programming text editor since I have added a ton of macros to it to make life so much easier.

I used vim on cygwin to edit, MPLab to compile, and C as the language.

Makefile, MCC18 under WINE, gedit as my text editor…

emacs ftw!

Maybe it’s just me, but when I was programming the vex bot, I found easy C would be limiting in programming the FRC bot. Maybe I’m not very familiar with easy c. It made programming really easy and simple, but has anyone found it difficult to program the FRC bot? I’m just curious.
Myself, I used Mplab IDE, nothing special really, since this is my first year programming, I think I did alright being a rookie, my autnonomous works, so far scores 4 out of the 5 that it shoots. I’m working on a more efficiant code that will shoot 8-10, we’ll see.
Seeya guys in Waterloo… :slight_smile:

We used different softwares for solving different problems this year. For the actual programming of the robot, we used the good old MPLAB IDE.

But for training of rookies on the team, we used Turbo C++ 3.0. Its a compiler in MS DOS for C/C++ programs, and is surprisingly user friendly with a very good help file for new programmers.

We also used MATLAB to graph a couple of data sets, which were the results of our PID loops. And the dashboard program was made in VB (version 6.0 i think).

With the exception of pointers. EasyC should allow you to take full advantage of
anything you could do in MPLAB as far as sensors and such. All the back end work was taken care of for you.

I just guess that maybe we should have made a default code. But, the idea was
you are programming from scratch and would know exactly how everything worked.

In the EasyC forum we have a wish list going and we would love as much
feed back as we can get!

We used EasyC because I (as a mentor) wanted to make it easier for the kids to program since they had no idea how. Well all of my prospective programming kids faded away :frowning: But even as an experienced programmer I like EasyC. True it is a different paradigm than traditional programming environments, but it is nice not spending time figureing out how to program/use code that has already been figured out. Why reinvent the wheel? If you want to use a gyro just drag the gyro code block in and use it! If you want to grab some input from analog port 1, just drag the block over and assign a variable! Easy! :slight_smile: It’s hard to mess up even in the morning, pre-coffee! :smiley:

Just to clarify, everyone using C (MPLAB IDE, Eclipse, Makefile) has to use the MPLAB C18 compiler. The IDE is seperate, although it’s specifically meant to work with th C18 compiler.
The compiler can be used alone, from the command line or with a makefile.