What r ur robot weights as of right now

usually in the past we have had major weight problems but we 95% done with the structure part of the robot and we only wiegh 76.57 lbs.

Team 401’s weight estimate is around 112 pounds at the moment.

Have a good last week + 0.5 of build season!

Our robot-in-progress got set on the scale yesterday, along with a pile of parts yet to be mounted to it. There were still some motors, pneumatic components, and a bunch of wiring not accounted for.

It came to about 115 pounds.

Then I walked up and took out the battery, and everyone relaxed some.

we need to at our ir board, laxsand to cover everything, puematic tubing, and thats pretty much it after all that we estimated it will be around 90-100 lbs without the batter and bumpers. adding that we will be around 100-130 for competition. we’re light but very quick.

we are 99.9% done adding junk onto the robot and weigh in at 115 lbs. At first we had our annual scare by weighing it with the battery in and were over weight…but then we noticed the battery and a couple of clamps.

For Aim High we made a beautiful robust design and put it all together with a week to spare and weighed our robot at 175 lbs! Doh! By ship date we had gutted so much of the robot that we didn’t have much function left. Lessons learned!

We’re at about 85-90lbs now, but we’re going to add counter balence before we’re done.

This year, we weighed in at about 80-90 lbs w/all the parts, but we WILL weigh the 120 one way or another. In 06, we were .05 lbs underweight and last year wasn’t much different.

How much does the robot weigh? that’s a good question! but today we should have most of it together, and we’ll find out. Estimates put it at about 100, we’ll see what happens.

we have 90% of our robot built and our weight is only 85.2lbs. We have ad weight issues before but now we are suprisingly underweight.

Hmm, we have estimates and some sub-assembly weights (+/- 0.5lb error per sub-assembly)

Drive Train: 41.5lbs (actual)
Electronics: 8.5lbs (actual)
Pneumatics: 20lbs (calc/estimated)
Lift: 18.5lbs (actual)
Manipulator: 8lbs (estimated)
Estimated extra powder coating: 5lbs

Total: 103 lbs

+10% weight buffer since estimations are always wrong: 113lbs.

Hopefully around 70-100ish. We are trying to minimize weight…less weight, more speed.:slight_smile:

Last year at a regional we were six pounds overweight. The inspector told us it was time to amputation. But we dropped the six pounds by drilling hundreds of holes in lexan and dropped the six pounds in a matter of hours.

And this year we are right at 120 lbs (if not over).

95 lbs. without shielding. The lexan and steel should top the bot out at 110 lbs.

How much polycarb did you have on the bot? I calculate this to be almost 4 square feet of 1/4" polycarb - or over 700 1" holes. And since much of the polycarb used on robots is not 1/4" but 1/8" or even 1/16" - that’s a lotta holes!

We weighed in at about 95 pounds last week. Everything that had been built to date, plus some raw material to estimate the remaining parts. We’ve since added pneumatics (and removed a motor or two) and a few other parts, and need to add a few pinch guards. We estimate we should come in 110-120.

something like 75lbs as of now… but we aren’t done yet:D

our robot (team 2428) weighed in at 95 pounds when we put it on the scale yesterday.

were done and we are about 98lbs with bumpers

The Solidworks model says we’re 115.57 lbs…

…with an 8 lbs. ball model

…and a 14 lbs. battery model.

The actual robot isn’t quite up to speed with the CAD model, but it’s close.

1923 weighs in at 107 right now.