What RAM chip has...

A row of three boxes lengthwise across the top, five under those, and two in the middle (18 total) and has these on both sides? I dunno…I have never even SEEN a ram chip any larger than 128…and here I am thinking I know alot about computers…

Could it be printer memory?

Does it have any sort of label or numbers on it?

Nothing. It might be a really od DIMM. I plugged it into my RAM slot on my comp and $@#$@#$@#$@# near blew it up. It got so incredibly overheated I had trouble putting it somewhere to cool.

all the modern ram (probably up to 6 years ago at least) is just a on row of verticle RAM chips. How many and whether its on both sides depends on how big the stick is, but you don’t see any other orientations or groupings of the chips. That mem is either not ram or oldskool or specialty. You probably shouldn’t have put it in your computer.

How many pins?

(I still think it’s printer memory!)