What rules would you change?

Just Curious… If you could, what rules for this years compeittion would you change?

none of them, because FIRST is not whining about all the rules you hate just so you can have your own ideal competition, its about designing around these challenges and using them to your advantage


Well said Cory. I like the rules because they give us something to design around and give us an actual challenge instead of an “ideal” competetion because “ideal” is different from team to team.

Yeah, what Cory said. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again … welcome to the real world. Whether it be in your future classes, careers or robotics competitions, you will be faced with limitations and rules that can not and will not be changed solely for your convenience.

I wouldn’t change any rules. As for clarifying things, I think that could have been done a little better … but I would not change anything.

  • Katie