What server technologies do you use?

This year I switched my team’s site over to ColdFusion. We use a MySQL database in conjunction with it.

We switched to this from PHP with MySQL and I have found coding to be infinitely cleaner and faster.
Using CF I have also been able to create a scouting system that ranks teams and displays graphs over our wireless network at the regionals.

What technologies are you running?

we use PHP & MySQL for our site. i should setup a CF testing server for myself since it sounds cool


Yeah team spyder scouting on cold fusion :slight_smile: i love it nick couldnt be as awesome without ur work +ur dads

php + mysql (managed by phpmyadmin though) and a little bit of css, and javascript too (what’s a site without it?) … www.mortteam11.org

A custom-written content management system that I wrote using PHP and MySQL hosted on a Linux server. Hurray [free] open source!

Though I’d be fine with any *nix-based OS for the server, such as any Linux distro or Max OS X. :wink:

Edit: Though if you want REALLY simple coding, check out Ruby on Rails. You can even learn it using an nifty online terminal. Using Ruby on Rails, ,there have been people who have coded an entire online forum in less than 500 lines of code. Personally, Ruby on Rails has been on my “if I had some free time I’d love to learn this” list for a while.

How is the learning curve on ColdFusion from PHP/MySQL might I ask?

We currently use Drupal for our website, using PHP and MySQL. For our web scouting system, which is still in development, we are using PHP and MySQL as well.

yeah, how exactly is CF better than php? personally, i have found that since PHP is so popular, it’s easy to find classes already written for you - ontop of all the user contributed plugins/frameworks. but our team is running a lamp server with joomla for our cms.

The learning curve is pretty easy. I found it very intuitive. It’s a tag language which makes it very easy to read through and much more clean than most things.

And response on how its better than PHP. For one thing the code is much more clean. In comparison I easily CF pages in 1/5th the time it takes me in PHP. It interacts with databases very well. You can easily make applications like my team’s scouting system in no time at all.

The system takes data input by the users and makes tables for each team’s matches and then it graphs charts based on the data. (the charts were a feature built into CF we did not need to use an outside one) It turned out very nice, and it got insane use at the competition.

We used Smarty, and integrated alot of existing code (like Shadowbox Media Viewer, cafeRSS, phpBB and others). We choose this rather than writing everything on our own so we could focus on design and content, rather than recreating things that people have already coded more successfully.

We use PHP & MySQL on our website. Hosted on a linux server. I manage the MySQL with phpMyAdmin. Ruby has been one of those things I’ve been wanting to look at also, but haven’t gotten to it. Hopefully during the summer I will be able to.

Team 357 used a 100% hand-written (by yours truly) Content Management System powered by PHP with a mySQL storage engine. Administrative-Backend with Boolean (Has/Does not Have) per-user permissions.


Tells you all about it.

Because I’m hard-headed, I don’t plan on changing programming languages. i figure I shouldn’t reinvent the wheel. Though, I’ll be completely recoding the team357.org website soon, but a nice little surprise for the FIRST community.