What SHOULD be on the CD manual

I believe that FIRST missed some useful tools that it easily could have added to the CD.
1 InnovationFIRST documentation
2 Parallax software
3 Default Code
4 Pneumatics Manual

Did I miss any that FIRST should include in the future

I would have liked to see those four things on the CD, just for convienience. Other than that, I can’t really think of anything else that they missed. I really enjoyed the intro video, and I think Woody’s presentation will be helpful to many teams although it does take up quite a bit of room on that CD, weighing in at 470 megs.

Overall I think the CD was an excellent idea, and was executed very well, with just a few changes to make for next year.

                                          --Chris Casinghino
                                              Team 131

You can find those things at the following sites:

BASIC Stamp Software

Default Code and Innovation FIRST Manual

I’m not sure where the pneumatics manual is, but that’s three of the four questions.

*Originally posted by Jeff Waegelin *

I don’t know of the exact URL right now, but the Pneumatics manual is available from the FIRST web site in the Documents and Updates section.*

Yeah… I didn’t have trouble finding them. They generally put the things in the same place from year to year. I was just pointing those things out for a convienience/courtesy to those with 56k modems.

The other thing I could have thought about putting on is the VKOP (Virtual Kit of Parts). I still can not find this. Does anyone know??

Besides the BASIC Stamp Editor, they should provide the manual that describes how to use it.