What should C++ Include and Lib Settings Be for building Robot code?


After following the instructions in screen steps (multiple times) and encountering no errors during the setup I am running into errors related to not having include (and possible) lib environment settings set up correctly. I have generated a sample project and am getting errors complaining that Symbols that can’t be resolved. These symbols included WPILIB symbols, symbols in my own code, and C++ std runtime symbols. I fixed the WPILIB symbols by defining a WPILIB environment variable in the C/C++ Build -> Environment dialog for my project. However I am still left with C++ std:: symbols and some symbols in my project (like CommandBase when looking and ExampleCommand.h). These errors are concerning because I think the screen step setup should ensure these are already defined.

Can someone please share with me the entire set of Environment variables needed for compiling and linking so I can ensure that everything is correct? I have attached a screen shot of the errors for reference

Rob Saccone
Software Mentor Team 3950

OK I tried to add a picture but for some reason it won’t upload. The unresolved symbols are around things like:

#include <string> - Can’t find include



If c++ standard library symbols can’t be resolved (especially NULL) it’s probably because your C++ index needs to be rebuilt. Right click the project > index > rebuild.

Otherwise check your include paths and make sure you have the include directory from the FRC c++ toolchain (somewhere in C:\frc on Windows)