What should First PNW do?

The Pacific Northwest like many districts are having events not happening because of the Corona Virus. Just yesterday we saw the Australian regionals get postponed because of fears spreading the virus. If the worst case possible is to completely just postpone the entire season until a later date maybe in the summer or even just forget about this year entirely I got to thinking about some other options that do pose a risk of spreading the virus by just limiting it and not ruining all the time and effort teams have put into this season.

What if just take everyone’s first events numbers, double it(the reason for doubling is to mimic what two events might look like in your ranking but it’s not perfect)and the top teams qualify for district champs(if we still have it) or worlds(if we still have it). I know many teams will be screwed over picking the first week to compete and not do very great but this would at least get every team at least one event and maybe a district championship if we have one. To teams that will have done two events, you would only count your first event to be fair to everyone else. This plan of action still gets everyone to compete in this season and a chance to show their teams robot while not completely stopping the spread of the virus it reduces the likelihood with just one event rather than two.

By no means is this a perfect plan but this is the best one I could come up with, if you have a different opinion for our district please share it below so we can think of a solution that we can get First PNW to see and agree with.

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Can you show me a link to this? I’m due to get on a plane for the Australian regionals in 48 hours but I’ve not heard anything from the event. It’s still on according to the FIRST Australia web site.


Link hope everything gets sorted out for you! Stay safe.

That’s what I’d call a rumor. I’ve heard rumors too, but nothing from FIRST or FIRST Australia.

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There was an email sent to teams at ~6:30 AM (Sydney time) yesterday. Included in the email was an invitation to a zoom meeting on macquarie’s subdomain for any questions regarding the situation on Saturday at 7:30 pm Australian Eastern Time, which would have been yesterday. I presume most have taken the email at face value, but my friend who is volunteering hasn’t received any correspondence regarding the situation. Either the event is actually postponed or this is the greatest bamboozle of all time as teams are already working on changing their flights.

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I’d start by having mandatory masks and hand sanitizer at the safety tables, and no viewing the field from stadiums. Teams would be forced to go into their own designated spaces, such as classrooms, or meeting rooms, with access to the livestreams. Sick people, and people over 55 are strongly discouraged from coming. Teams should be disinfecting their pits regularly, as well as wearing protective gear (safety glasses, masks) outside of the pit.

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That is EXACTLY where I’m at. My wife and I are signed up to volunteer at both events but not affiliated with any team at the events. We do have a pair of very expensive round trip tickets that we would need an official statement from the event for us to make an insurance claim if we were to cancel the trip.

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Masks are useless unless you already have coronavirus. See the CDC recommendations on this.https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/prevention-treatment.html


After 2019 PNW DCMP, I think I’ll stay home instead.


I smell media buzzwords

The best option in my opinion is to follow what Italy is doing. No spectators just drive team + pit crew.

Have 1 steam for each drive station and the camera just follows that robot. Maybe find a way to have per team overlay
Plus the full feild stream with overlay and what not


Maybe this will force events to have a good live stream for once. So many events start out with goals out of view, or have the views switch every 2s (einsteins smh). I really dislike it when the blue side of the field is right above the red scoreboard when I’ve heard it’s just a simple toggle to fix that (or you could just horizontally mirror the field camera’s input. This is not to hate on the hard work of the AV teams around the world, but if we want FRC to scale then one of the easiest ways for it to scale is online, so we need to think about how the program is presented to people through that medium. A student’s aunt or uncle is not going to know what’s going on, or is just going to be confused if they tuned in for practice matches for which the field camera is disabled. I think FIRST typically does a good job with the streams for Worlds, since they have personalities hosting the live stream and explaining what you’re seeing. I just wish that was available at a more local level to get people in the communities interested.

Sorry to derail the thread, but it’d be really cool if you could have drive station view cameras for each team and show them on stream (like many e-sports live streams do). During autonomous this would make it easy for someone to see that the robots are doing this on their own, and during tele-op it would allow for people to see the teamwork that is required. If it’s not just about the robots then why do we only show the robots?


I already have trouble reading team numbers on bumpers sometimes, and now you want me to try to read the number backwards?

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I didn’t think of that… Thanks Caleb!

First off, PNW should wait for more clarity on the state of things from both local health departments and local schools before doing anything. The options for canceling two district events is very different compared to having to cancel the rest of the PNW schedule.

If the whole schedule is shot, I expect the best answer is twofold:

  1. An after-Championship DCMP for teams that got to play at least one district event (doubling points as necessary). Standard advancement, but hold back seven Championship slots for the next part of this.
  2. An after-Championship regional (perhaps with a fancy name, but a regional) for the teams that did not get a play in before things stopped. (Currently, about 55 teams haven’t played once in PNW this year.) Usual regional advancement applies.
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I find this idea entertaining, though maybe that’s because we’re typically at a scouting disadvantage.

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At the PNW Districts championship in Tacoma last year, we scouted almost all the matches on a laptop + viewing room downstairs because there was about 200 stadium seats. Not fun, but certainly doable.

if you double district points, you mess up a ton of teams who had some issues at their first event, but would do way better their second. Some teams improve.
Though you did mention this, I would massively advise doing this as week one is allways messy for even good teams.

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