What should I do

The teacher who used to back the robotics team that I was part of has desided not to this year :ahh: becuase of funding problems, I still want to go with a robot, I mean FIRST robotics was a great exsperience for me and I want to go again but my teacher says that I can’t, he would rather go to skills canada. I am a programmer, and from what I saw at skills canada last year I would not be needed. Anyone have any advice?? at the moment I am open to almost anything.

Well, I see three options:

  1. Keep pestering your teacher about it, and note the difference in programming between the two programs.
  2. If other students agree with you, have them (while acting like their parental unit raised them correctly) talk to the teacher.
  3. Talk to your teacher about asking someone else to run the FIRST team, while he moves elsewhere.

Those are the only things I can think of–good luck!

if all else fails… try to join another team from out of town.

Well, I’d go with Billfred’s third comment. Except, you do it yourself. I think you should have a team meeting without the teacher, and decide what you all want to do. If you want to have someone else run your team, then discuss this with your teacher, then go to teachers you know well enough and ask them if they would be the advisor for you. I’m sure there are other teachers that would love to do it. We had the same problem in 2003, when our teacher left the school. Another teacher was very kind and decided to take his place. We are very grateful to him.
Don’t worry, I’m sure things will get better and someone will help you. Good luck!

Our main teacher told us in 2002 that 2003 would be his last year. He was horribly burned out having done almost all the administrative work himself, and with our school, thats a lot of work. So parents got together and took on a lot of the work from the teachers and shared it amoung themselves. They did such a good job that Mr Tripp is still there. A few other things where done, like when meetings end at 10, starting to clean up at 9:45 so we are out of there at almost 10 rather then 10:30, getting other adults cleared by the school so our two teachers didn’t have to be there all the time and some other things.

That really dosn’t address the issue of a funding problem, but there is a lot of resources on here that address that problem.

So talk to your teacher, see what the issue that he has a problem with and with work with other students and parents to address that issue. If that dosn’t work, try and find another teacher.


Thanks for all the advice, but it seems that no other teachers in my school know enough about technology to sign on with me and my crew. I mean there are like 4 of us in total including me who would for sure work on the robot, and since the rest of the school has its own intrests, I am looking for a different school that would have me. I am however having difficulty finding one that is within my area to join.

Keep in mind that you don’t need a teacher to give you technical mentoring and assistance. Many teachers do this, but some don’t. You can always get technical assistance from professionals in industry. Many teams have teachers who coordinate the administration aspects of the team.

Andy B.

Absolutely. Team 100 has had a teacher as the heart and soul of the team for many many years (7,8?) she does not have much technical expertise, but she is fantastic at dealing with the administration, and all the other behind the scenes stuff, in addition to many other things. While having technically inclined mentors is very important, having a person like her is absolutely necessary as well.


I’m assuming your teacher knows this, but you could also remind him that there is now a regional competition in Waterloo, so you can avoid the trip to Toronto (which could save you quite a bit in transportation, accommodation and general hassle). If you need any help convincing a teacher or company to help mentor and support the team, I (and several others on the FIRST Waterloo Regional planning committee) might be able to help - we’d love to see you guys here in 2005.

If you absolutely can’t get the team started again at Stratford Northwestern, is Stratford Central really that far to go? It didn’t look like much on a map, but I guess it might be difficult if you don’t have access to a car and public transit isn’t available. They do certainly have a good team at Stratford Central, though, and I can put you in touch with the teacher there if you want (PM me).

The one teacher who was on our team knew next to nothing about tech (he retired last year). All tech help came from parents and the like (on works as an engineer at a local TV station).


The key right now is for you find another teacher who is willing to be the “staff sponsor”. If you want, Ian or I can contact your principal and discuss the situation with him/her. You need the one teacher, so you’ll be allowed to travel to the event, and hold after school meetings. This teacher does not need to be the kind who’s going to spend 12 hours a day on the robot, rather someone who will provide occasional supervision. The next step I recommend, is finding some industry professionals who will support and mentor your team. They can provide that day to day supervision that you’ll need. The first place I would look, is parents of team members. Last year they probably saw how great FIRST is, and will want to help out.

Again, if you need any help, just ask. Our planning committee is more than willing to do what we can.

Good luck,