What Should We Name Our Robot?

What should we name our robot? The options are:

Skid Mark
Hi Mom
Deus Vult
End Game

not skid mark

We like to have our team members submit names then go through a few rounds of voting, subject to discretion of course.

My vote is for Clifford, even though it’s not up there.

If it’s a robot that helps climb go with End Game being meta is key. That being said the name is a double-edged sword not only would your robot be meant for the End Game but if you drop someone or they fall off of your ramp it could also End Games. *queue some sort of suspenseful music

Oh… I thought you were going to queue Taylor Swifts song End Game…

…dang I messed up, that would have been so much better

Hi mom…

Not on the list but…

“Aww Splat!”

Your choice whether that applies to flying cubes hitting the Plates or to the robot during the end game…

Every year we name our robot. The rule is it has to either have an X in the name or be cat based. I REALLY wanted our robot to be named The GaMMERCaT this year (I even bought the drives team a GaMERCaT plushie to take to the field with them. A student came up with a better name for our robot: PiXel. I even made a nice little logo for it.

Pixel logo ears.png


Our team won’t name our robot Bob, and someone has to do it.

Robot McRobotface

Every year we try to name our robots. The ones that haven’t had a name oddly haven’t done well. Our first year (2005) it was named MB for Mechanical Bronco. Then again the student who named it was Mills Babb…2006 was “Trouble” (we won VCU that year") 2007 was “Bleep” (it was a pain to build and couldn’t use a cuss word…we were finalists that year) 2008 didn’t have a name and in spite of being 16th out of 64 we didn’t get picked. 2009 we didn’t build(lost build space) 2010 didn’t have a name and not picked. 2011 was “Bleep Jr” and we were qtr finalists. 2012 was “Trouble Two” and we were semi finalists. 2013 was “Secretariat” semi finalist at Palmetto and winner at VCU. 2014 was “Frank” this was a team joke because a mentor kept calling me Frank instead of Hank which is my name. We won at VCU and were finalist at Chesapeake. When we went to St. Louis Frank Merrick visited our pit and signed it. (Woodie had signed it at VCU) 2015 was “Chad”…named after a team member from team 2363 (another inside team joke) won at VCU and finalists at Chesapeake. 2016 was “Sir Charles” we were semi finalists at the Chesapeake District CMP. 2017 had two names…one official and one as a joke. The official name was “Corinthia” but we also had “Swatting Dog” on it as a joke in reference to former team 616 and their indian names for their robots (we have a mentor who was on 616). 2017 won the Hampton Roads District event.

I wanted that to be the name of our 2015 bot, but I guess Polyphemus sounded cooler.

To go with the video game theme, “xXxF1R$7P0w3rUpM4$t3r1992xXx”

Our team has let the names develop organically. Pretty sure this years bot is “Spyder”

“Deus Vult” - What does God want?
He wants the name “Vector”.


Go with Hi Mom :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, perhaps have a team vote during the next meeting. This is the team’s robot after all!

I would have suggested Metis for our team, but the 'Snow Problem RI3D team hawked it first. ;(