What side rocket does your team want to prioritize?

What rocket does your team want to go for? Left or right?

I would believe that this would be completely dependent on what side of the field that you start on either the right or the left. I would imagine if you start on the right you are going to prioritize the right rocket and the same for the left.


I can’t see any other logical way to answer this question


This will depend on our alliance partners and the driver stations everyone is in.

This is an extremely ambiguous question. But it brings up an interesting strategic point if you dig down a bit… I want to go for the Rocket that my opponents don’t think I’m going for. In other words, I want to disguise which Rocket my alliance is attempting to fill for the Ranking Point for as long as possible during a match. If it’s obvious what I’m doing, and my opponents are smart, they’re going to wait until I have a bunch of time invested into my Rocket and then defend it with the hope that I’ll bite on the sunken cost fallacy.

I’m obviously not going to do that but I bet a bunch of teams will. If I can score low on both Rockets early in the match, I’m buying myself some additional time before their defender locks down my preferred Rocket. This game is very well designed from an engineering tradeoff perspective and a strategic perspective. So far I’m impressed. Let’s hope it isn’t as unwatchable at low levels of play as I’m anticipating.


The one that doesn’t have a bot parked in front of it.:grin:


I don’t see any preference or design/construction detail matters at this point. The only left/right asymmetry on the field I can see is the cable cover, and which side that’s on is dependent on your alliance color.
In a given match, I agree with @Ryan_Swanson and @Juniormunk, with the added note that it may depend on which station the defending robot is being driven from, especially if it is short; you may be able to use the cargo ship for concealment better on one side than the other.

whichever one will make it easier for us to play a 4 RP match


“Look right, turn left. There has been tons of research done after this type of behavior.
It is one of the reasons why for example the lower right corner of the right newspaper page is one of the most expensive spots.It is the main reasons why most retail stores routes are based on left turning routing.The same principal is used in in-store product placement, camera work in movies and tv shows etc etc.”

As for what side depends on game conditions.

My students are going for a complete rocket on the far side of witch ever station they are at.


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I’m curious to know about this concept/tendency. Can you direct me to some more info?

I first heard this not quite as delivered, but as “drive left, think right” the first time I was going to be driving in a left side drive location (in this case a moped in Bermuda), having grown up in a right side drive location (USA mainland), from my co-workers at my globe-trotting agency (U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office). The reason you need to “think right” is because when you drive on the left, traffic coming from your right enters your field of vision closer to when it would hit you than than that from the left, especially in urban environments where buildings and parked cars and shrubbery obstruct vision. When you grow up driving right, you learn to “think left”, and need to unlearn this when you first drive on the left.

Added: In the US and most continental locations, you’re taught to look left-right-left. When driving on the left, you must look right-left-right.

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Definitely the left one. The right one has cooties


Whichever side is harder for the audience (and scouts) to see


I think it will be a very rare robot that can finish a rocket by itself…six hatches and six balls…seems unlikely. You and your alliance will need to work together. So you definitely need to Communicate to each other which rocket is intended to be finished. I personally would recommend you not bother with the other rocket or the cargo ship until one was completely done. Even if it means losing points on the cargo ship.

As for ‘keeping it secret’, I don’t see defense as actually being a ‘thing,’ especially in early matches. Too easy to get ding’d with a penalty. I doubt that will matter.

My opinions.

I assume this means for sandstorm? Last year, a lot of teams only had the space, resources, and/or time to program autonomous from one side.

We’re still setting stuff up, but right now we think we might be right-handed to start. Between different HAB levels, cargo bay, and rocket locations we have plenty of work to do from one side and we’ll see where it goes from there.