What Skill Challenges Are Your Team Doing?

If I may channel my inner Carl …
I was thinking he meant rebounds of made shots. If the goal is a taped hexagon on the wall, with careful control of the ball’s speed and spin, a robot could set up a loop in which it’s retrieving its own made shots without much lateral movement.

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Oh! I see what’s going on. This was a fundamental miscommunication.

Our team has a fully build 3d scoring area, and I didn’t even consider the idea of bouncing a ball off the the 2d goal back in the robot. I was using the term “rebound” a little too loosely.

What I was trying to suggest was something akin to 2014, where until a ball is official scored, it keeps just getting re-entered into play. Once it is scored, the ball has to go all the way back to the starting point on the opposite side of the field. Since that doesn’t exactly work for 2d, I’m suggesting this instead:

After scoring points, a ball must enter the reintroduction zone (either by human or robot) before being able to score points again.

I physically shuddered at the idea of someone channeling their inner Carl, and I am Carl… What… What does that say about me?

it says you should maybe go back to bed … er … cargoship … uh … whatever.

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