What small changes can make FRC 1% better?

There’s a lot of ideas shared on Chief Delphi on how to improve FRC. Many of these are very large ideas or big changes, such as championship qualification, major rule changes, new districts, etc. While these big ideas would certainly improve FRC, they could take a while to implement or have so many different sides/arguments to them that it’s very difficult to come to an agreed decision on it.

Thinking on the smaller scale, what small things could FIRST implement to improve the program just a tiny bit?

Here’s some ideas I have:

  1. During an Einstein break, have a 3v3 match between all the impact finalists. While introducing the teams, they can talk about all of their initiatives and reasons they were selected as a finalist
  2. Post recordings of the award ceremonies and alliance selection from every event similar to how matches are posted. It was done for the champs divisions and it’s a great thing to watch afterwards
  3. Have a spot on the field for all of the field builders to sign their names or write messages to the next people who will build the field. A good spot this year would have been the back of the crescendo sign on the stage
  4. This is a bit of a farfetched idea, but allow teams to put cameras on certain parts of field elements. Imagine how cool it would be if you could watch a match from the view from the top of the stage. This would likely require lots of rules to be added though

Reduce costs

  • Extended R303 - all teams must have their code public, and accessible for everyone through the FIRST website / TBA (like sponsors for example)

  • When announcing IMPACT Award Finalists at the beginning of Day 3, mention what they have done and what are their innitiatives


That was where I originally got the idea for the 3v3 impact finalist match, you never get to hear about their initiatives when they’re announced at the beginning of the day. I think getting to hear it while the team is introduced for their final match of the season would be really cool


Though highly unlikely, this would be awesome!
Quick note: the rule should say that you need to release each season’s code an “x” amount of time after the season has ended. This will make sure that each season, everyone starts from the same place, while still allowing you to keep an advantage in the season itself, and keep your robot a secret if you want to.



Honestly I would love to see that match


I’m all up for this, and this would be great… in theory.

In practice, this rule is not that challenging to evade and I’m sure top teams which do not want to share their code would find workarounds.

I mean, you could easily spoof some parts of the code, remove/replace fancy calculations which give you a competitive edge, etc.
And FIRST would have no way of knowing.

It would be much better if all teams adhered to the spirit of FIRST and willingly shared their code.


IMO, a perfect example of a 1% improvement is the team # screens with the screen on the back that displays time, score, and progress to the RP.


I’m going to riff off this idea: define/create better camera angles for streaming the matches and make these an inherent part of the field design for PDPs to follow. If I was passing through and watching a random stream of an FRC event, today I think I’d not be as interested because the camera angles chosen by some of the streams are not optimal. Having a high overhead (perhaps two?, one for each alliance zone) camera angle defined would have made this year’s matches more engaging to watch. Other years’ events might have had other angles that worked better, but I think FIRST could define these and build them into the field elements rather than leaving them up to the PDPs to decide.


Honestly promote visiting and working with other teams. For a long time our team only really interacted with other teams at events but recently we started going out more for like using the practice fields and some of the people we’ve worked with are some of the best people I’ve ever met.


This would make FIRST a lot more than 1% better


Bring back dozer in the game animations :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Make the teaser videos better and actually show something. Don’t have to give the game away but give us something to dream about before the season starts.


Figure out a way to get wired internet access to the pits, with a bandwidth cap. (No streaming matches)


You can also do all of those things now after developing them in the offseason. Blatantly cheating is always going to be a risk when making any rule. 99% of teams would comply with the rules as written, just as they do now with any other rule.

1% improvements:

  • Better training material, especially things that could tie into coursework
  • more corporate partnerships that focus on giving money to teams directly
  • fewer changes to the field and website API

I’d be down for more vague teasers. I’m all for wild speculation, but the hype train just doesn’t last long enough.


Naw. I enjoy being able to talk to my dad during the holidays, and not having him be chained to a rendering machine.


Fully accessible video archives for all official match play in FRC and FTC (2% better to add FLL and other events video content). We’re a Tech organization and it’s 2024.

  • More than one game piece provided to teams at kickoff. For games with multiple different game pieces I think one of each is fine but having one total for games like crescendo is simply not enough.

  • Either have inspectors take a photo of each robot at inspection or mandate each team submit at least one high-quality picture of their robot and have these photos easily accessible via API for things like TBA and scouting systems. I’m sick of trying to look at teams’ robots and only having match videos for reference a lot of the time.

  • Keep track of alliance selection declines in FMS and include these in the API. Having this info consistently accessible through sites like TBA would be so much better than having to look through the CD alliance selection threads and hoping someone remembered to input your event and got everything right


The rules on pnuematics are more restricted than they were in the past. This is saddling teams who might want to use pneumatics just for an endgame system to have a full running compressor on board even if it isn’t really needed (off board fill up pre match). This is extra weight and space that wasn’t needed before the rule change.

Id like to see this returned back to how it was and make adding in a basic pnuematic subsystem more reasonable.