What spare parts would you want available at a regional?

I’m on the planning committee for the Waterloo Regional, and one of the things we’re considering is asking local hardware stores to donate stuff for the spare parts desk in the pits.

What do you think we should ask for? My list would include cable ties (zip ties), bolts, machine screws, nuts, washers, threaded rod, PVC and ABS tube, aluminum and steel extrusions, etc., but I’m sure lots of you have other good ideas as to what should be included.

In my experience, having a few rolls of electrical tape can be a lifesaver.

I mean, the stuff can do anything from beautifying a crimp to super-fly electrical tape team numbers.

Tools would be a great thing for teams that are unable or dont have access to use for the day.
Just have to figure out how to make sure they get back to the spare parts desk.

If you have the money to spend (or can talk Innovation FIRST into donating it), extra robot controllers, operator interfaces, and CMUCams could be potential lifesavers.

They’re expensive, yes, but you’re in big trouble if you happen to lose yours or to have something go wrong with it. They’re also items that most teams wouldn’t have extras of because of cost issues.

IFI usually has these at events. It requires a credit card for a deposit, and if you lose/break them you’re going to be paying a whole heck of a lot.

Add assorted cable and cable crimps to the list. Wiring crimps and crimping tools. Shrink tubing. Thin polycarbinate sheets (not acrylic, it’s illegal) for repairs.

By the way this is agreat idea!

Not a spare part but having some clamps available to borrow would be helpful. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have gone to drill/cut a part and have no safe way of holding the part still. :ahh:

Hose clamps.

… yeah, it should be done already, but its something you wouldn’t really remember to bring… last year we needed lots (yea we were rookies then)
thank you to teams at SVR who gave us some!

~Stephanie :]
Team 1351

I asked a similar question and this is the response I got. http://www.ifirobotics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=227

I’m not sure if they misunderstood the question, or if FIRST handled the parts in previous years.

How about Fisher Price motors :ahh:
Maybe a vice or Dremel tool too.

Wayne Doenges
CAD MEntor
Lemmings non sumus

Good to have: Buncha fasteners. Cordless driver-drill. Spare electrical bits.

Priceless: Gold MasterCard.

Yeah, I have no idea about the CMU cam Joe.

In the past we’ve needed to borrorw an 884 since we only had 883’s, stuff like that, and we got them from the spare parts table, not from the IFI rep.

I don’t really think there’s a need for FIRST to provide tools. You should be able to borrow just about any tool you’d need at an event from another team.

Zip ties and Zeus fasteners…along with a cutting wheel available. Also, some wire crimps may not be too bad either.

Rather than trying to have everything on hand what about setting up a hotline to the local suppliers and having several deliveries scheduled throughout the day?