What springs do the Andymark climber in a box use

My team is making a climber, a cross between the Andymark climber in a box and Thrifty bot climber, I was wandering what lb spring are they using as well as the width of the spring.

Normally I’d say to see what the part number for AM is… but that part number doesn’t pull up anything on the site other than the Climber in a Box.

@Nick_Lawrence, is am-4657 sold separately from the kit?

The springs are listed on the bearing kit pages

“0.625 in. Wide 30 in. Long Constant Force Spring”

The spring strength (per the climber in a box page) is 3.5 lbs

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If you look for a “0.625 in. Wide 30 in. Long Constant Force Spring” on McMaster you can find https://www.mcmaster.com/9293K116/ which is 3.3 Lbs which is close to the reported 3.5

I would probably lean towards a more powerful spring than the one in the AndyMark kit (if not exactly the same)

In addition to what’s been said above, you may want to consider playing around with different springs a little bit. McMaster’s selection is broad… Something like https://www.mcmaster.com/9293K349/ might work well if you’re able to fit it in.

As a word of caution: don’t play with extremely strong constant-force springs without taking some precautions against them cutting loose. If you’re working with <20 lb total you should be fine, though. (Some of us have horror stories from 2016.)

Oh, right. I almost forgot. Vulcan springs has a voucher in the virtual KOP… gives you enough for a 3-stage climber.

is am-4657 sold separately from the kit?

Not currently. We’ve been focused on being able to sell full kits first, and we expect sub parts to go live on the website later this year.

The McMaster 9293K116 spring works just fine, make sure you use two per stage (one each side).


This is the equivilent spring we use for the Thrifty Tube kits for both stages - https://www.mcmaster.com/9293K56/

They’re 3/4" wide and roughly 6 lbs of pull per spring.

Was looking for the same thing a few weeks ago. I found this spring from Vulcan Conforce® Constant Force Spring - SH8J30 | Vulcan Spring i think they gave us a $50 voucher in the kit of parts as well

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