What state do you live in, other then MI.?

Last year, my team went to San Jose for a competition,…“I loved it!”. he he a little bit too! warm there during the day. But when it gets dark, it feels great!. I love it, I miss it. (snifs) it was so great there! uhm…i wish we could go back there! I have some friends in NC. I see their pictures, seems really nice there too! nice mountains and nice water parks! (uhm… I think, hehe). Well, I just want to know what state do you live in and hows the weather! -Thank you! :smiley:

I live in Delaware, and here it is kinda cold, about 39 F right now with snow on the ground from the last few weeks snow fall.

*Just really want to know e/other better! :smiley: -note me if you want! -save me if you like! -thank you

OOoOOps! and I forgot! I want the “cold and warm” seasons! hehehe -Thank YOu :smiley:

I lived in San Jose, CA. It’s 75 degrees and sunny here today.

We were happy to have you guys out here last year. Hopefully you’ll make the trek out west again sometime in the future.

It doesn’t normally warm up until about late March out here, and doesn’t start getting cold until late October or early November. Today is just a fluke… Normally it’d be in the high 50’s or low 60’s about now.


Not so good, we just had an ice storm, and it’s a long story so I’m not going to tell it all. Anyway, it took them nearly a week to clear all the tree branches from the streets, and it was pretty bad. Things are better now, especially since it’s February which means it’s almost spring.

“Cold”!?!?!?!?!?! What is this cold you speak of Bill? 50* pfft, amateur :cool:

It was above freezing here for the second day in a row. First time in like 2 months

I hail from the state of South Carolina. Don’t get me started on the politics, but the weather seems to swing between freaking cold and freaking hot, spending perhaps one week a year at a good temperature. (Just last Saturday, we were so iced over that classes were cancelled, 1293 didn’t meet, and WUSC was off the air. Ice + antenna = no broadcast, if you know what I mean.)

i feel so bad for all of you who live in places with this thing called snow. :ahh: what is snow? i have no idea what it is, i live in Florida. (i’ll figure out snow in about 2 months, at the Denver Colorado regional… ^^; )

uhh okay… right now its not that bad… we usually get a week of freezing weather (which i’m sure to you all is nothing like cold weather, but its in the high 30’s or 40’s) but right now its about 65F, but its also evening time. during the summer temperatures range from 80F to 100F, sometimes more, but usually it stays around 90… the humidity here is awful though, so it always feels a lot warmer than it really is.

I live in Maryland where currently it is just above freeezzing 37 F and winds at 8 MPH. I hate the cold and i want to move back to Mississippi, where the word cold is not known.

N.H. It is a very hot 35 degrees today! :ahh:

We were so happy here in Northeast Pennsylvania, just outside of the Poconos, to not have to wear our scarves, boots, gloves, and parkas today. Almost everyone got away with just a comfy sweater and pants in a first of very few days above freezing at appx. 33/35. :slight_smile:

Whitinsville is finally done digging themselves out of the near three feet of snow that we recently go in Massachusetts. This has been one very cold winter. (its around mid 20’s or so right now). I can’t wait until summer!

I live in Richmond, VA, (occasionally I do say y’all) when it’s hot, it’s freakin’ hot and when it’s cold it’s freakin’ cold, and there’s never a snowy christmas. It hardly ever snows until the month of february, (it is, however, snowing right now) I’d like to live somwhere else thank you.

i live in RI… the smallest state…and its pretty warm outside for winter about 37degrees right now…however we recently got hit with 2 ft of snow and its effected out build schedule :ahh:

I live in Washington. The weather is kind of mild, but it has been pretty cold this last week, at around 40 degrees. And wet. In fact, my biology teacher made us do an outdoor lab today, and everyone was shivering and pale when we got back inside. He didn’t warn us the day before, so half of us didn’t have thick coats.

i live in new hampshire. the weather hasent been to bad 30-40 degrees with a snow covered ground

I’m from Iowa… and today it was freakishly warm (40s!! :ahh: ) …it’s actually supposed to hit the 50s this weekend!!! (I’m way excited about this :D) we’ve had way too many days in the single digits the last couple months lol!

well here in leominster, MA we are digging ourselves out again.we had about 3-4 inches of snow last night…not too bad. it seemed oddly warm today…probably mid 30’s