What team are do you want to play with at nationals?

This is an easy enough one, the topic pretty much explains it all. Just take your teams robot and say which teams robot that you have seen (or havent seen) that you would like to play against/with at nationals. Or just the team that you think will give the most competition. Personally I look forward to playing Motorola (111) at nationals seeing as our team didnt get to play them at the GLR. Wedge vs Wedge, man i wish i could have seen that…

Well, personally, i would like to see what the heck team 71 came up with this year. And, most likely, i would want to play both with it and against it.

I would also like to play with and against teams 27,65,66,67,111,302,469, and a few others whose numbers i dont want to confuse. (WAY TOO MANY TEAMS!!..but wait…thats a really good thing!!)

Cant wait for NATS!