What team has red bird (cardinal?) mascot?

If you were the team with the black shirts and the red bird mascot that sat next to RAGE at the Mid-Atlantic Regional in NJ, we have a few pictures of your mascot that you might like to have… Just PM me.

Ooo! Were they at Nationals? I remember hugging that mascot… twice, I believe.

The only cardinals that I know of are the RoboCards (5), but if iirc from Palmetto, their get-up is red and white, a la the St. Louis Cardinals.

Dunno if this helps.

I remember Team 5 having black shirts at nats.

We competed either with/against them quite a few times over the weekend :slight_smile:


I always thought there was a cardinal in team 811’s logo, but it’s difficult to tell. Of course, neither they nor team 5 competed in New Jersey this season.

team 811 does have a cardinal for a mascot. their logo is a cardinal (a VERY “different” cardinal) believe it or not. if im wrong (which i never am :yikes: ) then plz dont kill me

This may have been team 1266, the evil duckies. I think they may have had a red bird mascot, certainly not a cardinal though.

EDIT: They’re a SoCal rookie team, I don’t think they would have been at NJ.

811 has bright yellow shirts


Maybe if you posted the picture, someone might recognize the team?

Just a thought.

throws in $0.02

could it be the Firebirds(433)?

Some team, I think team 5, had a small red cardinal… We were trying to see if we could get all the cardinals together for a “species” picture… Maybe next year!

And yes, that is a cardinal as our logo… More specifically, it’s a “cardinal chop”, a distant cousin of the more popular "cardinal"s.

maybe Birds of Pray (don’t know their number)