What team is that???

Could you include the team name in the little message header block to the left of messages? Something like

Registered: Jun 2001
Engineer on #330
Hope Chapel Academy
Beach 'Bots
Location: Hermosa Beach, CA

When i get time, I could base it off their team #.

It’d be cool if someone could go thru the Team List (linked from the members page) and find any teams that dont have a team name, and find out what they are for me, and send me one PM with a list.

If you’re going to do it, reply, so 5 of you aren’t doing the same thing.

(yea, im rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreallly busy, and wouldn’t be able to get to this till after 12/14/2001)

The team name is already a field in our user profiles, so you should be able to display it just as you display the rest of the information.

OTOH, I like the idea of a relational database that would allow a person to simply indicate his team number. Then all members of that team would inherit the same team information.