What team(s) have been finalists at the most events?

I was having a conversation with another FRC alumnus about which of our teams have been finalists the most times. We found that his team had been finalists 13 times and mine was 11. Both seemed very high and I was curious what team was finalists the most.

5254 has been finalist 7 times in-season, and hasn’t yet won a blue banner. Not 100% what you’re asking for, but an unfortunate metric for the team nonetheless.

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Team 343 has been finalist 14 times since 2000. The blue alliance

You can start with the teams that have the most blue banners on The Blue Alliance, and then look through their competitive records. The one type of exception might be Ontario teams that had to face the 1114/2056 combination that extended for years.


I don’t know if the above is the situation the original poster was interested in “who has the most” but it’s what I’d be interested in finding out.

Being finalists again and again becomes simultaneously discouraging, but also motivating to push harder. We had a “finalist-streak” of 3 tournaments in a row that started on Einstein in 2013 and continued through two district events in 2014 before being broken at our first district event in 2015.

Your seven regular-season events as the finalists without being on a winning alliance must be tough, albeit character-building. I feel for you.

Hopefully you’ll be able to bring home a blue banner a couple weeks from now at the Finger Lakes Regional!

I’m not on 5254, just a fan-boy. :stuck_out_tongue: Having talked to so many people with 5254 it’d be well-deserved for them to break their red-medal streak.

27 has the most finalists at 23. Second is 67 at 20. Third is 217 at 16.

1741 and 5254 have the most finalists without a win, at 7 each.

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Across the 2 teams I’ve been apart of, I’ve been a finalist 9 times.
340- 2007 FLR
340- 2009 FLR
340- 2011 FLR
340- 2012 FLR
340 2014 FLR
340 2015 FLR
3015- 2015 Newton
3015- 2016 Pittsburgh
3015- 2016 Einstein

340 Also went on to being Finalists in 2016 and 2017 at FLR. (8 Times FLR Alone)

I was going to say - I was on RUSH and drove in the last match without getting the win more times than I can count

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Ouch! Two teams that have been “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride…”

Wow. Small world. We on 1519 were with 1741 on one of those finalist alliances, back in 2010 in North Carolina. Usually, that finals is remembered for a different reason – it was the occasion of the “Kick Dean in the Face” accident:


Including 2 division finalist awards, I count 12 total Finalist awards at official events for Team 48 across 22 years.

Ahhhhh, memories. It probably doesn’t comfort anyone to know that we tore that robot down to its frame, tossed most of it away, and turned it into a t-shirt cannon, we hated it so much (traditionally, we keep all our robots unless they greatly upset us…or get stolen). We like it much better now.

4028 has been finalist 5 times since winning a regional their rookie year, 4 of which have been in the past three years.

Not as much as some other teams, but considering their rookie year was 2012, they are well deserving of a regional win.

2046 has been finalists 9 times and winners 11 times out of 43 official events since 2007. Not too shabby.

5254 now stands alone with this record as 1741 just won the their first event at IN First CG district event the curse is lifted!!!

I think 461 is now tied with 5254 after their finalist showing at Tippy last week.

Not exactly what you’re looking for but 5172 has been a finalist at 8/10 of their regionals with the other 2 being semifinalists. Just another 6 years of the same level of quality and we’ll hopefully catch up to these teams

I count five wins for 5172, three finalists awards, and two semifinal finishes. An impressive resume, certainly landing you among the highest tiers of the Minnesota ranks.

With their win at Buckeye this weekend, 4028 has successfully broken their 6-finalist streak to earn their first blue banner since their first competition ever!

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