What teams are attending the Pittsburgh Regional?

IF you are attending the Pittsburgh Regional plz let me know so we get an idea of the scouting and the different types of robots!! lol Thanks:D

there is a nice little search feature on this site, i recommend of use.


and you can always look on the usfirst.org site…

I’m bringing a team with me, but we didn’t build a robot. We’ll be there to help you play with yours. :smiley:


Y didnt yinz build a robot? Are you just coming to take a look and watch? Hey just stop down and say hi to us!! See you down there.

From what I’ve heard he’ll be too busy running a field to play with robots. :wink: I’ll be there doing the same as well.

Oh so you and him are judging and refreeing!!? Sorry about that and hopefully everything goes as plan!! lol

I’ll be the FTA at Pittsburgh this year. I’ll make sure everything runs smoothly so you have no reason to come looking for me. :cool:


And I’ll be field supervising… :slight_smile:

Nice Good Luck and how does it feel coming back and representing the Pittsburgh Regional?!

See you there…

We loved it so much last year, we’ll be there :smiley:

Alright!! Hopefully we can team up again or meet in a match but yah we try to treat the teams that come!! lol

Thanks for answering and hopefully you will have a good time and good luck! We will see yinz there!
If you have any questions just contact me on this website or check out our team website at www.team1708.org.

I arrived in Pittsburgh earlier today and walked around the Peterson Center and the Pitt Campus. Looking forward to getting things built tomorrow!

See you all there!