What teams are coming to the the Pittsburgh Regoinal

Hey our team was just wondering which teams are making it to the Pittsburgh Regional this year and if they have any idea on what their robots can do?


the FIRST site has this for easy access…

I’ll see you there, Derek. :stuck_out_tongue:

222 will be at the Pittsburgh regional for our second year! We really like the venue. As far as our robot goes it drives around…at two speeds fast and faster at least for the time being. Once we marry the top half to the bottom half of our robot we will handle track balls and that’s all I’m saying for now. :smiley:

The RoboRats 1249 will be back. This is home to us. As for the robot, what is does and what it is suppose to do is completely different right now. Still need another week to get it working the way we want.

ok just wondering because our robot has a really fast drivetrain with a married top half that will be able to pick up the trackballs and set them up…we are finalizing the arm but out drivetrain and chassis is done.