what teams are going to houston regional?

leave your team name,number,and any other info you want to put about your team

2158, the ausTIN CANs will be there! We’re looking forward to it!

457 grease monkeys sadly will not be there :frowning:

418 will be there and we’re looking forward to it as well, Lone Star is always a blast.

Here’s to an awesome regional, strong competition, and a great time!

Oklahoma and New Orleans have taken some of the usual suspects out of the Lone Star Lineup this year. Good news is that Lone Star will be chalked full of Texas teams ! I’m going to predict at least two Texas teams will be on the winning Regional alliance !

Andrew Lynch , Mentor 2587 , http://afrobots.org (check out the robot videos) from Houston, Texas - Lamar High School

Team 1480, Robotos Locos will be there! Looking forward to another great Lone Star Regional! Uh, but it’s at a different spot this year. More like Katy, TX.

CRyptonite Robotics
Team 624

We live within around 10 miles of the stadium.

Team 2468 Who do you appreciate? Chap robotics will be there. We are very excited. I cannot begin not express my gratitude for AusTin Cans and LASA Robotics and the help they have provided for us this year. I cannot imagine better mentors out there.